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Beverage Industry Magazine Profiles Magline Ergonomic Hand Truck with Glyde Technology Descending Stairs with Ease


Standish, MI -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/21/2016 -- Magline's ergonomic hand truck with Glyde Technology carries heavy loads down stairs with ease was recently featured in Beverage Industry magazine. The feature was titled, "User Safety Spurs Innovations for Carts and Hand Trucks."

When it comes to health and wellness, there is no shortage of data and literature for beverage-makers to consider when formulating new products. However, wellness is not reserved only for packaged products in the beverage market. Ensuring wellness for warehouse and distribution personnel also is front-of-mind for many, and equipment suppliers are making sure they address that need.

"We continue to see desire for safe, ergonomic hand trucks," said Andrea Horner, vice president of marketing for Magline Inc., Standish, MI. "One of the biggest considerations that remain is weight. Most injuries don't happen from one-time occurrences; they happen from repetitive movements over time, like lifting a hand truck on and off of a truck multiple times per day.

Empirical evidence tells us that once a driver sustains a job-related back injury, the chance of reoccurrence within a two-year time period is 50 percent."

Horner adds that a delivery system cannot only affect safety but also productivity and costs. "A hand truck is an extension of the driver, and when it isn't working — the driver isn't working," Horner noted.

An ongoing commitment to design improvements is how equipment suppliers want to ensure they are helping distributors address the safety concerns of delivery personnel. "Customers want to know when their drivers leave for the day, they will be able to perform their jobs safely and efficiently," Horner added. "Relatively speaking, hand trucks aren't a significant investment for distributors, but when a driver is on his route, it is just as critical to be in working order as the delivery vehicle."

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