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Beverage Start Up Methodology at MyDrink Beverages

Website Offeres methods of dealing with lean business methodologies that beverage manufacturers can put to use.


Kaunas, Lithuania -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/05/2013 -- Being among the most lucrative industries in the world, the beverage industry is not free from its share of predicaments. Unlike software developers who can develop, launch and test medium-level software within a few months, beverage manufactures have to consider a number of factors within shorter spans of time.

‘MyDrink Beverages’ has on their official website offered methods of dealing with lean business methodologies that beverage manufacturers can put to use. This can lessen the beverage development time and accelerate the rate of production. After much research the firm has put forward a Lean Beverage Startup methodology adding that the central idea was to enable their clients to develop new products, launch and test them within the shortest possible time frame.

Their ready-made beverage concepts along with technical and marketing solutions for their clients facilitates saving time and money. The company assists their clients to launch beverage brands within a short gap of merely 2 months. With optimized the beverage development and production management process as a whole, clients may even shorten the formula development procedure to 1-2 months.

The company also puts forward expertise on production management issues. By outsourcing to MyDrink Beverages, the clients can then focus on sales and marketing strategies for their products. “In case you want to be up to date on the ever changing rate of beverage industry, you have to have reliable partners. MyDrink Beverages may be the best partner you can find” declares the company.

About MyDrink Beverages
This Lithuania based company specializes in beverage development and marketing, as well as production management and developing innovative beverage ideas. The website contains blogs and articles dealing with such topics, and also lists their services in detail.