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Beverages from Icetea Company Offer Delicious, Healthy Alternatives to Soft Drinks


Putrajaya, Malaysia -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/10/2011 -- The unhealthy side effects of drinking soda have been well documented and include tooth decay, obesity and even diabetes. But despite these consequences people continue to purchase and consume soft drinks in record numbers. In fact, according to a report on Mercola.com, 9.6 billion cases of soda were sold in 2008.

For anyone searching for a healthier, yet tasty option, Icetea Company is making headlines with their energizing and delicious drink selections. Recently launched, the socially and environmentally-conscious company produces three types of functional drinks to help boost energy, health, relaxation and immunity. These include Sparkling Ice Tea, Sparkling Ice Lemon Tea, Wat..err + Vitamin C, and Sparkling Coconut- all of which are ready-to-drink, sugar-free and calorie-free.

Antioxidants play a major role in boosting immunity and supply a myriad of health benefits ranging from heart health to cancer fighting and weight-loss. Icetea Company’s line of sparkling ice tea drinks adds sparkling fizz to the popular drink to encourage people to make the switch to the healthier alternative to soft drinks.

For people looking for another healthy drink alternatives, the company provides a variety of options for people of all ages.

”We are committed in giving high-quality pure, healthy and delicious drinks which are free of caffeine, refined sugars and artificial ingredients. Our products are sweetened by sucralose which is a no-calorie sweetener,” states IceteaCompany.com. “Sucralose is safe for use by the whole family including children, women who are pregnant or nursing and even people with diabetes. We are giving healthy benefits through providing alternatives for people trying to reduce their sugar or calorie intake while still enjoying a refreshing taste.”

In addition their Sparkling Ice Tea and Sparkling Ice Lemon Tea, Icetea Company offers Wat..err + Vitamin C which is a purified drinking water infused with vitamin C to boost a person’s immune system.

Icetea Company also offers the sports drink Sparkling Isotonic Coconut, which contains the five essential electrolytes that provide a person with everything they need to stay hydrated and perform their best. In fact, one bottle contains more potassium than a banana, or 15 times more than most sports drinks.

About Icetea Company:
Icetea Company believes in not only selling delicious drinks, but also promoting a healthier lifestyle. Offering ready-to-drink, quality ice tea, water and sports drinks, the company’s core values in business consist of three words, simple, straightforward and honesty. The company’s motto to “Innovate, not Imitate” is easily distinguished in their top-quality, sugar-free, no calorie beverages. Icetea Company is a home grown Malaysian brand, as it is inspired by the nation’s tropical fruits, one of the brands of Icetea Company is Sparkling Coconut Drink . For more information, visit http://www.IceteaCompany.com