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Beverly Hills Colonoscopy: Facts About the Colon and Cancer


Beverly Hills, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/21/2013 -- Peyton P. Berookim is a double-board certified gastroenterologist who specializes in colonoscopy procedures in Beverly Hills. He is located at 150 N. Robertson Blvd in Suite 204, Beverly Hills, CA 90210 and can be reached at 310-271-1122.

Let’s face it: the idea of a colonoscopy sounds scary and unpleasant. The procedure involves being under sedation while a long, thin tube is inserted into the rectum. On top of that, there’s the dietary and medicinal restrictions one must follow before the outpatient procedure. Peyton P. Berookim, MD, a double board-certified gastroenterologist whose practice is located in Beverly Hills, will take great care and consideration as he works with you in figuring out what liquids, foods and medicines will need to be limited or eliminated ahead of the procedure. Dr. Berookim specializes in diseases of the digestive systems and is well versed in today’s latest diagnostic methods, including the colonoscopy. Although the thought of it may make you quiver with fear, a colonoscopy is necessary not just because it detects colon cancer, but because it is also a proven way to help prevent it. Thus, it can literally help save your life.

With that in mind, here are answers to some of the frequently asked questions about the colon, colonoscopies and colon cancer:

Question: What is the colon?

Answer: The colon, also called the large intestine, is the last part of the digestive system. It removes water and salt from undigested foods before they are excreted from the body.

Question: How prevalent is colon cancer?

Answer: Colon cancer is the third most commonly diagnosed cancer among men and women, and the second leading cause of cancer-related deaths among both genders in the U.S. According to the Center for Disease Control (CDC), more than 136,000 people were diagnosed with colon cancer and nearly 52,000 people died from it in 2009, the most recent year in which statistics are available.

Question: What is a colonoscopy?

Answer: A colonoscopy is a medical test that allows a doctor--like Dr. Berookim, who performs colonoscopies in Beverly Hills--to look inside the interior lining of your large intestine with the help of a colonoscope, a flexible tube that is approximately four-feet long and a half-inch wide. It is often performed to find tumors and polyps that can develop—or have developed into—colon cancer.

Question: Who should get a colonoscopy?

Answer: All healthy individuals over the age of 50 should get a colonoscopy once every 10 years. However, those who are at higher risk of developing colon cancer—including African Americans and anyone with a family history of the disease—should begin regular screenings at the age of 45.

To learn more about colonoscopies or to schedule an appointment, contact Dr. Berookim in Beverly Hills at 310-271-1122.

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