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Beverly Hills Rent-a-Car of Hollywood Announces New Responsive Website

New site allows customers to check availability and book exotic rental cars far in advance of important events, reports Beverly Hills Rent-a-Car of Hollywood


Hollywood, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/18/2014 -- In Hollywood, nothing is merely regular. The same is even true of rental cars. Elsewhere, people might rent a Ford or a Toyota to get them to and from the airport with ease, but in Hollywood, it's possible to rent a Maybach or a Ferrari.

Renting such exotic cars is even easier now thanks to the launch of a new website by beverly hills rent-a-car of Hollywood. This site is responsive and makes it easy for customers to see which cars are available on their planned rental dates. It also allows for the booking of a chauffeur. With some cars, especially those in the prestige class, a chauffeur is almost an absolute necessity.

"Choosing to rent a Ferrari or Rolls-Royce can be a big decision on its own," said Al Sheldon of Beverly Hills Rent-a-Car. "It would be incredibly frustrating if someone didn't find out that their chosen car was already booked until their intended pick-up day. Our site makes it easy to check availability in advance and then book the desired car. That way, there will be no surprises on the day of the event."

Renting a car of this nature is easy in more ways than this. In fact, it turns out that renting a Lamborghini for the day is no harder than renting a Chevy. Renters will need a licensed driver over age 21, enough insurance to cover the cost in case of loss or damage, a credit card that can cover the cost of the expected rental time, and other things that are familiar to car rental customers.

"We've done our best to combine the best aspects of car rental with the world's best cars," Sheldon said. "We believe that it shouldn't require running a virtual triathlon to get behind the wheel of an exotic car. Instead, we've made the process as familiar as possible so there's nothing difficult about Luxury Car Rental Hollywood."

As can be expected, the price of such rentals is not one of the things that is comparable to renting the normal sort of car. A day in a Ferrari, Lamborghini, Rolls-Royce, or certain models of Mercedes-Benz can cost over $1,500 a day. The absolute top models hover around $2,000 per day. This, however, is not as eye-popping in Hollywood as it would be somewhere else. Tinseltown, after all, is known for its extravagance and excess.

"These cars are definitely not for the budget-minded," agreed Sheldon. "Most people choose them to celebrate very special occasions or even to serve as the primary entertainment for a day. Such vehicles make any event truly unforgettable."

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