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Beverly Hills Rent-a-Car of Los Angeles Announces Arrival of Three New Vintage Cars

Old cars are new again after restoration and ready to be rented, reports Beverly Hills Rent-a-Car of Los Angeles


Los Angeles, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/18/2014 -- Beverly Hills Rent-a-Car of Los Angeles today announced the arrival of three classic cars to its vintage lineup. The three cars, a 1963 Cadillac Fleetwood, a 1959 Cadillac DeVille, and a 1964 Corvette Stingray, are sure to please fans of the automobiles of yesteryear. According to the company, these cars aren't just old and classic, they're less expensive to rent than some may expect. This makes them excellent choices for those looking to make an event special without breaking the bank.

"These cars are great for weddings, but they're also popular with nostalgia buffs who simply want to remember the best parts of the good old days," said Al Sheldon of Beverly Hills Rent-a-Car. "Classic vehicles are very popular at our Los Angeles location, so we keep plenty of them in stock. This makes it easy for old-car buffs to be able to reserve a car from their preferred era no matter when their event is taking place."

Even though the company has plenty of vintage cars overall, it has limited numbers of each particular type. In fact, it only has one each of many models. Therefore, it's important for customers to reserve early if they want a specific car. Those who will be satisfied with any vehicle in the classic lineup usually won't have to reserve as soon as long as the rental day is not happening during a peak time for events. When the rental is for an event taking place during the peak periods, however, things change. Then, it's a good idea to reserve far in advance even if a specific car isn't considered mandatory.

"The price of a vintage car rental depends on a few factors," Sheldon explained. "The value of the car itself, its rarity, and market demand all come into play. Whether such rentals would be considered expensive also depends on perspective. Compared to our exotic lineup, our vintage cars are much more affordable. When compared to a typical airport rental, the opposite is true. These cars are usually chosen to make an event special, so they shouldn't be compared with your standard sedan."

For most people who rent a vintage car, price isn't a factor regardless of the model chosen. Instead, it's about making an unforgettable impression or adding some serious pizazz to a wedding, graduation, or other event. For them, the perfect topper is to use Vintage Car Rental Los Angeles. An outstanding car like a perfectly-restored classic is fun, one-of-a-kind, and unforgettable.

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