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Beverly Hills Rent-a-Car of San Francisco Announces Spectacular New Additions to Flee

New acquisitions of Bentley and Ferrari lend even more depth and excitement to the company's already-outstanding rental inventory, Beverly Hills Rent-a-Car of San Francisco reports


San Francisco, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/16/2014 -- Beverly Hills Rent-a-Car of San Francisco, one of the country's top sources for prestigious, luxurious automobile rentals, announced the addition of a pair of new cars to the company's rental fleet. A newly acquired 2014 Bentley Flying Spur will add further flair of a British sort to the company's stable, as the world-class car ensconces drivers and passengers in an ultra-luxurious cabin decked out with premium leather, spectacular hardwoods, and soothing brushed metal. The open cockpit of the company's newly acquired Ferrari 458 Italia Spider, on the other hand, will help customers enjoy the cool air of Northern California while the inimitable rumble of the car's 562 horsepower engine rings out into the beautiful surroundings.

"Despite already having one of the most exciting rental lineups in the country and the world," Beverly Hills Rent-a-Car of San Francisco representative Al Sheldon said, "we never stop working to make it even more compelling. Our new Bentley and Ferrari are going to help our customers turn heads and entertain clients even more successfully." Widely considered one of the world's great cities, San Francisco is a major destination for high-powered business meetings, lavish weddings, and similarly momentous events. Beverly Hills Rent-a-Car of San Francisco has become an important asset for many who attend these gatherings, as the company's beautiful, prestigious cars allow them to impress business associates and other acquaintances in ways that few other material things can.

With a deep selection of sports and super cars from world-famous makers like Ferrari, Lamborghini, Porsche, and electric car producer Tesla, Beverly Hills Rent-a-Car of San Francisco has something for every automobile enthusiast who rates power and agility highly. The company's stock of cars that focus on luxury is similarly compelling, including deep lineups from manufacturers like Bentley, Aston Martin, and rarefied mark Maybach.

Despite the typically eye-popping retail price tags that the cars Beverly Hills Rent-a-Car of San Francisco offers normally carry, renting them can be surprisingly affordable. Visitors to the Beverly Hills Rent-a-Car of San Francisco website will often find special off-peak offers that slash even the company's already-reasonable regular rates, and callers may inquire about last-minute specials that yield similar discounts. Given these opportunities, renting a world-class car from the company can be one of the most affordable ways of all to form memories that will endure for a lifetime, as the vehicles never fail to make lasting impressions.

In addition to offering the most exciting car rentals anywhere, Beverly Hills Rent-a-Car of San Francisco provides a variety of related options, including luxurious limousine rentals and the services of professional, highly trained drivers who can help make the most of any Exotic Car Rental San Francisco visitors book. A real-time inventory system on the Beverly Hills Rent-a-Car of San Francisco website allows hopeful customers to check the availability of each of the company's glamorous cars for any proposed date and to make reservations, as well. Opportunities for renting the just-acquired Bentley Flying Spur and Ferrari 458 Italia Spider, for example, may be looked into in this way or by calling the company's expert representatives directly.

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One of the world's leading providers of luxury and high-performance car rentals, Beverly Hills Rent-a-Car of San Francisco maintains an unbeatable fleet of automobiles that embody everything car enthusiasts dream about. The company's frequent specials and surprisingly affordable regular rates can make it incredibly practical to produce lasting impressions and form lifelong memories.