Bevie Pro Is Helping to Save the World One Drink at a Time

Bevie Pro- Saving the world, one drink at a time! - Bevie Pro is a compact beer & wine holder that keeps stemmed and stemless glasses, cans, bottles and even coffee mugs off the ground. This innovative product will give you a better experience and revolutionize the way you drink beverages outside.


Woodinville, WA -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/07/2014 -- There are over 535 billion beers and close to 164 billion glasses of wine drunk per year in the world. But the fact is there has been little innovation over the last two decades around the accessories for these products. With all of these libations consumed every year there is demand for a better way to help enjoy them.

The most common issue we all encounter while enjoying a beverage outside is there is nowhere to place the drink. In most cases people either have to hold it in their hand which makes eating, reading, or cell phone use very difficult. The average person resorts to putting their drink on the ground which leads to all sorts of problems. Drinks covered in sand, accidentally getting knocked over, or once ice cold beers now warm and undrinkable. Then people have their favorite wine at a picnic or outdoor concert. This balancing act in the grass never goes well. There are few options available in today’s marketplace that provides a solution to any of these problems until now.

Introducing Bevie Pro the ultimate portable beverage holder
The Full Bevie Pro unit holds all types of drinking vessels and enables people solve a wide variety of these issues with four quick click attachments that will allow them to adapt to any outdoor environment. There is the armchair attachment suitable for most sitting situations, the multipurpose clamp that allows people affix to the side of a lounge chair at the pool. This clamp can also be used in boats; various round bar applications, and attach to many other surfaces up to 1.75” wide. The Bevie Pro is very versatile and can also be used with a sand stake for the beach or can be secured in the grass with lawn peg attachment. All of these attachments are interchangeable with a quick twist of a locking interface.

One of a kind patent pending wine cradle
This wine only unit of the Bevie Pro is quite unique. This product holds both stemmed and stemless wine glasses and will easily fit into the pocket or a small purse. Wine is appreciated for its appearance, aromas, and mouth feel and none of these can be enjoyed with the glass in the horizontal position!

Promotional branding
Besides serving as a practical use product, Bevie Pro can also be used for promotion and advertisement of any brand by customizing its top surface with company logos. Bevie Pro brings new opportunities for companies to creatively promote their brands. Seriously, how many variations of corkscrews, wine charms, or wine totes do people really need?

Take part in bringing Bevie Pro to life
Bevie Pro launched its Kickstarter campaign on Monday, March 3rd in an effort to generate the first round of funding to begin production as well as help validate the product demand. You can help by visiting or the URL below.

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