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Beware of Cheap SEO Services Warns UK Expert

Getting good organic search rankings can be a very cost effective means for small companies to get business, this leads some to seek cheap SEO services that can have a detremental effect to rankings and ruin even a companies image.


Slough, Berks -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/02/2012 -- Panda SEO Services are a fast growing UK SEO Consultancy, they attribute the rapid growth to low prices and the fact they provide a good service. Mark they owner of says he is surprised people still expect to get effective SEO for even less though, he gives below some examples of cheap SEO and how it can negatively impact your online presence.

1. Cheap SEO Content

Content is king or so the cliché tells us but getting cheap content produced, content that doesn't make sense, has bad grammar, spelling mistakes or using article spinning software and duplicate content could see your site incurring penalties. Cheap SEO content could also put off any potential customers so be sure to avoid it, both on your site and on sites that link to you.

2. Mass Link Building

Building lots of link in a short period of time looks unnatural to search engines, if all these links you build have the same anchor text it's going to look doubly suspicious.

3. Link Wheels

Link wheels were once a very effective link building method, search engines seem to have caught on to it now though, building or buying link wheels is likely to be a waste of both time and money.

4. Automated Directory Submissions

Directory submission can still be a very effective means of link building, submitting to directory sites that auto approve is not likely to help your search engine rankings though. Look to do manual directory submission, alternate anchor texts and try to use original descriptions, submit only to sites that manually review your listings. offer affordable but effective online marketing services in the UK, they understand what search engines look for when ranking a website, they have UK-based writers that create informative content and do not they do not use any black hat methods.

Mark from Panda SEO Services said "we have taken on at least one new client every week since we launched our website, many clients have returned to us for additional services. We are trying to build our web design and optimisation portfolio and so are currently offering extremely cheap prices, we do not do cheap SEO work though". He believes this will help the business continue to grow rapidly and intends to keep the prices reasonable.