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Beyoncé's Stylist, Ty Hunter Expands His Entrepreneurial Ventures to Include New Line of Lighted Cellphone Cases


New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/22/2015 -- All throughout her rise to superstardom, Beyoncé has looked her best thanks in large part to her personal stylist, Ty Hunter. For 17 years he's been putting the pop culture icon in her best light. Now he's doing the same thing for the rest of the world.

The Ty-Lite is projected to be the newest, hottest cell phone accessory on the market. The Ty-Lite is an LED lighted phone case that gives consumers frontal lighting and is a protective case at the same time. It offers users three distinct light settings: Cool, Warm, and Brilliant to accommodate any light in any environment. With the Ty-Lite, smartphone users everywhere can take pictures, selfies, videos and even Facetime without worrying about lighting. They can also dim the brightness in each light setting to their preferred level of brightness. The Ty-Lite runs on its own battery so it doesn't affect the phone's battery life, and each charge usually lasts between three to seven days (or more) depending on use.

The Ty-Lite cases for the iPhone 6 and 6s will be released for a soft launch in December 2015 with a lim-ited quantity available before Christmas and will retail at $79.99. Come January 2016, the Ty-Lite will be available for the iPhone 5s and Galaxy s6, with additional sizes in the works as well.

The cellphone case marketplace is saturated with products offering multifunctional features for niches that are anything but universal. The Ty-Lite is for everyone due to its multifunctional features there-fore benefiting anyone who owns a smartphone. It improves every smartphone camera's lighting as it protects against damage to the actual phone itself.

To learn more, or to find out what's on the horizon for Passion Projects, (the company Ty and his partners formed to produce the Ty-Lite ) simply visit their website at Passion Projects was inspired by the intimate connection Ty created between him and his social media following. People who live with passion and like to live an inspirational life are also encouraged to fol-low Ty Hunter's personal accounts on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

About Passion Projects, LLC
Passion Projects infuses its products and projects with the same kind of passion it strives to inspire in its consumers. The company aims to bring inspiration and positivity into the world. Every day, Passion Projects, realizes this vision through the efforts of its founders, Ty Hunter, Michelle Serafin and Amber Sabathia, along with the rest of the Passion Projects team.

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