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Beyond Jupiter's Kneecaps Launches with Allegorical Message


Richmond, VA -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/01/2014 -- Beyond Jupiter's Kneecaps is a work of creative science-fiction fantasy that does not fit neatly into any one genre. An allegorical look at the problems of thought and individuality suppression, Beyond Jupiter's Kneecaps is a novel that focuses on finding potential and taking imagination to its limits.

Available at , Beyond Jupiter's Kneecaps launches with hand-drawn illustrations and a story line that deals with Wilson, a man who despises the computer-driven world but is a professor teaching that very subject. His chronic daydreaming leads him into danger with both the Dean of the university where he works and a strange, hidden Society known as THESIS.

Before the story is over, Wilson and his one true fried will be plunged into a battle with forces that want to limit man's thoughts "for the good of mankind."

The incredible journey of Wilson will inspire and provoke thought about today's society, individual accountability to the world and the suppression of individuality and creativity for the "common good." Written under the pseudonym of "The Ghenti Man," the novel contains hand-drawn illustrations that are powerful and stirring.

The author recently spoke on the topic of using a pseudonym when he said, "The reason I've chosen to go by a pseudonym as of now is to take whatever ego there is in this project out. I am not seeking support for myself or my name and I don't desire to be known. When you choose to support you aren't supporting me, but the work. Everything is for the work itself, to communicate. But it isn't done yet..."

Those who want to support the project that is represented with Beyond Jupiter's Kneecaps can find more information at .  Donations will be used to help develop the message of individual creativity and fight society's suppression of individuals who have a message outside of the mainstream.

About Beyond Jupiter's Kneecaps
Beyond Jupiter's Kneecaps is a new novel that brings a message of the dangers of conformity and the ways in which society tries to limit individuality and creativity on the part of those who are "different." Additional information can be obtained by visiting the author's website at

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