Beyond K-Pop & Gangnam Style, the Indiegogo Launch of 'As Much as a Rat's Tail' Is Your Invite to the Inner Circle of Seoul


Seoul, Korea -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/26/2014 -- The authors of the book As Much As A Rat’s Tail, Peter Liptak and Siwoo Lee, have announced the launch of their Indiegogo campaign. It aims to share the intricacies of Korean slang and culture not in any textbooks (what they’ll never teach you in class) by not only getting the newly edited 2nd edition published and sent out to backers, but also by adding some extra Seoul with an eBook version, a fab set of illustrated flash cards, some killer T-shirts and if the campaign overfunds, an enhanced ebook and other swag, as well as a badass Korean Slang smartphone app for all contributors.

“Everyone studying language desperately needs this kind of book; the kind of book that teaches you how people REALLY use the language. And while slang is not entirely academic, it is far more communicative and useful for engaging in a new language than the stilted artificial bullsh*t textbooks normally stuff down the throats of learners. With the goal of teaching the wonderfully versatile and totally day-to-day relevant slang that will allow you to be welcomed into the culture, we are delivering the secrets of the street; the true language of Seoul; and helping you understand how Koreans think, act and speak,” said Peter Liptak, the author of the book.

The First edition of As Much As A Rat's Tail began to take shape in 2003 , and within two years, we had developed a concept that was really a first in Korea. But since slang changes dramatically over even a short time, and the cross-cultural pollination of Western and Korean pop culture has accelerated exponentially since 2003. So we decided that a major update was in order; the new edition will have a snappy new cover, updated expressions and overall redesign. We even developed a whole set of flash cards to go along with the book. Despite the emphasis on slang, this book (& the project as a whole) is very much about culture, and in particular cross-cultural understanding; it’s about bridging cultural divides, making friends and having fun; it’s about the poetry of language; it’s about interpersonal relationships, drinking, smoking, partying, texting, swearing and, well, so much more.“

Check out the great videos the authors have put together for the campaign on YouTube. For more information on ‘As Much As A Rat’s Tail,’ and to pledge towards the campaign, visit the Indiegogo page, the official website and ‘Like’ the official Facebook page.

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