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Beyond Life: Grieving Mother Publishes Novel, Bringing Solace to All Who Have Lost a Child.

Written by Judy Diller, ‘Beyond Life’ fuses fact with fiction to produce a compelling paranormal novel that is resonating with readers across the country. More than just a story, the book’s poignant narrative is an attempt to prove to all readers that those they have lost are always beside them.


Daphne, AL -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/24/2013 -- In 2009, Judy Diller unexpectedly fell victim to every mother’s worst nightmare; the loss of a child. While people tackle grief in a myriad of different ways, Diller’s close connection with her son paved the way for a unique journey to rebuilding her life.

“Charlie was just twenty-three when he died, two months after he came home from Faulkner State College complaining of feeling ill. Although his passing left a huge physical hole in my life, I could hear his voice telling me to write a book about my dreams,” says Diller.

Continuing, “My dreams about Charlie living in another realm began a few months after his death. I would feel myself slowly emerge into another world, knocking on a door where my mother appeared; once inside I found Charlie and my deceased nephew Johnny, who clearly asked for my help in regard to unrest in their Spiro realm. This was the bold inspiration behind my book.”

‘Beyond Life’ developed into a powerful work of Paranormal Fiction. Inspired by her dreams, Diller’s gripping narrative takes readers into a realm where they will discover faith’s boundless opportunities.


A Fantasy/Paranormal Novel Come meet Feshy, Falk and Gigi in Beyond Life along with other family and friends in the paranormal world. Mayhem breaks loose; Feshy must find a way to save his earth siblings from The Shadow Mist who threatens both himself and his Earth family. Can he win the fight? Can he be in two places at once? Feshy is to torn between two worlds, Earth and his new home Spiro Realm; where he lives with members of his Mom's family.

Follow the path that Feshy must take to defeat his past demons even though he has passed into the Beyond Life.

Diller’s continued communication with Charlie during the writing process served as an immense source of strength.

“I started to feel at peace with myself and I could write for hours without ever taking my eyes off the computer screen. I could hear Charlie telling me about his struggles with bullying, depression and self-image. In my book, Charlie is embodied by Feshy – a strong hero who always stands his ground no matter the odds,” she adds.

‘Beyond Life’ is dedicated to anyone who has lost a loved one, urging them to continue with their lives and adapt their body and mind to realize that friends and relatives are never gone for good.

With its pertinent message, interested readers are urged to purchase the novel as soon as possible.

‘Beyond Life’ is available now: https://www.createspace.com/4278990.

For more information, visit the book’s official website: http://beyondlife.zohosites.com.

About Judy Diller
I lived in Effingham, IL until my marriage in 1982 when I moved to St. Elmo, IL where Doug and I raised our first son Charlie. Soon Doug's job with Exxon/Mobil transferred us to Daphne, AL.
I graduated from St. Anthony High School in Effingham in 1979, Attending Lake Land College until our move to Daphne, AL in 1992. I then attended Faulkner State University majoring in Paralegal Studies.
Losing a child may be the hardest thing any person can experience. We all react to tragedy in different ways, but many would agree that keeping busy and working toward a goal can help ease the pain.
Daphne author Judy Diller has used her unsettling experience to write “Beyond Life.”