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"Beyond the 5th Avenue" Book Campaign Is Launched by Author Fabrizia


Los Angeles, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/12/2014 -- Fabrizia, an author interested in the grand city of New York, recently unveiled a campaign to raise awareness for her new novel, “Beyond the 5th Avenue.” The Comics book, which will be illustrated and available in two languages, is narrated by Jules, a young Italian architect who wants to read and understand the authentic face of New York.

In the novel, Jules is drawn to New York because she enjoys its life and culture. She decides to make a detailed report about the people of New York City because she wishes to understand more about its genuineness. The book will be divided into four chapters about the island’s legends and stories, and it will also be sprinkled with details about Jules’ daily adventures, colleagues, and lovers.

“Beyond the 5th Avenue” aims to help readers look beyond the glamourized version of New York and learn more about the essence of real city. The book is a graphic project comprised of 120 cards that examines Manhattan and the neighborhoods around it. The cards will include illustrations and written descriptions about the people, places, and legends that contributed to New York City’s culture, as well as short stories about daily life, street views, maps, architecture, stores, history, tips and general culture.

“As a matter of fact, if New York is today such a fascinating and amazing city, it is only thanks to those thousands of past and present stories that, every day, leave their deep mark on the architecture of this place,” noted an article available on the book’s website. “If you are able to grab these signs, maybe, you will be also able to catch the authentic beauty of one of the most famous, but so little understood, city.”

At this time, the Beyond Fifth Avenue project is accepting contributions from people interested in supporting the project. One way to help Fabrizia bring the “Beyond the 5th Avenue” project to life would be through ordering an advance copy of the book for $50. Ultimately, the project will evolve into a blog and, at a later date, a movie.

Individuals interested in learning more about “Beyond the 5th Avenue” and its campaign visit the book’s website for additional information. Readers are welcome to contact Fabrizia with questions or concerns about her project, and are invited to subscribe to “Beyond the 5th Avenue’s” Facebook and Twitter for frequent updates about the project.

About “Beyond the 5th Avenue”:
“Beyond the 5th Avenue” is an illustrated novel about New York written for all those people who love this dazzling city and want to know more about its authentic beauty. The novel tells the the true story of this city and helps the reader raise the veil of gloss and glamour that is usually created by movies and advertising in order to understand what of real and authentic is hidden beneath it. “Beyond the 5th Avenue” is an articulated graphic project whose aim is that to revive the true spirit of Manhattan and surrounding neighborhoods. Using a well-defined combination of illustrations and written descriptions, its purpose is restoring the original value of that patchwork of names, facts, places and legends that, since the beginning of 17th century, have contributed to build the current image and fame of New York City. For more information, please visit http://www.beyondthefifthavenue.com