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Beyond the Caress of Massage: Getting in Touch with Massage's Health Benefits

Massage has innumerable benefits that extends beyond simply soothing aches and pains.


Clarkdale, AZ -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/21/2014 -- Massage is more than just a rubbing of one's body to get the so much desired body relax. The mere fact that a body received therapy in a form of massage, it also got a bunch of health benefits.

In July 2011, more than thirty-nine million American adults (5%) had discussed massage therapy with their doctors or health care providers in the previous year, compared to 16% of the year before that.

After an hour or two of pressing, rubbing and manipulating one's skin, muscles, tendons and ligaments, lower blood pressure, refreshment, restoration of a sense of well-being, and the promotion of productivity were all demonstrated as benefits.

Moreover, here is a long list of massage therapy benefits.

It relieves stress. Stress is universal and it leads to physical symptoms such as headaches, upset stomach, elevated blood pressure, and many more. Through this body reactions, it is important to get relaxed out of massage.

It gives relaxation. Through massage therapy, mental outlook is being improved. It gives the person the ability to better handle life’s daily pressures. It reinforces positive attitude, promotes relaxed states of mental alertness, and enhances calm and creative thinking.

It gives good posture. Massage can relax and loosen the muscles made sore by bad posture, allowing the body to position itself in its natural-and pain-free-posture.

It improves circulation. Improved blood circulation is another benefit of massage therapy. It enhances blood flow, naturally lowers blood pressure, and improves body function.

It promotes deeper and easier breathing. If one starts to take shallow short breaths, it is about time to get relaxed. Massage improves breathing and responds to respiratory issues such as allergies, sinus problems, asthma, and bronchitis.

It strengthens the immune system. Massage provides significant benefits beyond the immediate relaxation. In a study conducted by Gail Ironson, M.D., HIV, men who were positive with HIV were given 45 minute massages five days a week within a month. Participants showed an increase in serotonin and in cells that are viewed as the first line of defense in the immune system.

It helps lift depression and lowers anxiety. WebMD reviewed more than a dozen studies that revealed how massage can fight depression by lowering cortisol levels. Research published in The Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine indicates that massage therapy can reduce symptoms of depression for individuals with HIV disease.

Also, studies have shown that massage increases one's body's levels of oxytocin and serotonin, which results in lowered stress. The feeling of relaxation created by regular massage therapy also lowers your blood pressure and elevates your mood.

These are the many benefits of massage therapy, which is why everyone else deserves to have so.

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