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Beyond the Ivy League: U.S Academic's New Book Tells Arduous Tale of Perusing Her Chosen Career Path

After graduation from Harvard with a Master’s degree and a Doctorate, Dr. Pearl Chase was passionate about perusing her dream of becoming a University Present or Chancellor. However, after enduring political hot water, unexpected tribulations and a host of challenges, Dr. Chase was afraid she’d lose her direction. In her latest book, the author proves that the career world’s grass isn’t always greener on the other side.


Cedar Hills, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/24/2013 -- When Dr. Pearl Chase stepped into Harvard University for the first time, she had high hopes of a bright and direction-driven future. However, after graduating with two degrees and entering the world of work, she quickly learned that getting embroiled in workplace politics would ultimately decide her success. Hoping to help others see satisfaction and contentment in their current situation, Dr. Chase has wrapped her experiences into a compelling new book.

‘Beyond the Ivy League: A Chosen Career Path’ tells one woman’s journey of passion, commitment and ultimate surrender to the unpredictable environment of the corporate workplace.

“After graduating from Harvard, I had to get a job. I had two ‘magic’ degrees in hand, but it was no small task since I did not want to start at or near the bottom and work my way up the administrative ladder in a college or university, nor did I want to work in just any state or region of the country. I had aspirations of being a college/university president or chancellor,” says Dr. Chase.

She continues, “The question was; how best do I get there?”.

Accepting her first position as an Executive Assistant to the President of a university, her first assignment was to deliver the President's Address at the university's Opening Convocation, in the absence of the President. Though nervous, Dr. Chase wondered how she would be received on this and future assignments as she embarked upon her chosen career path.

After several years of fast-track learning and performing, she found herself in hot political water and on the verge of being demoted or fired.

Where had all the magic gone? What good were her ‘magic’ degrees now? That was just the beginning of the administrative and political problems that seemed destined to follow and overtake her in her chosen career path beyond the Ivy League.

Resonating with readers across the country, Dr. Chase wants others to see that constantly ‘wishing’ could be hampering their progress.

“It is easy to think, ‘If I just had a higher degree, or if I graduate from the right school, or if I get the right job at the right university or company, then everything will be perfect or at least so much better.’ Sometimes that's true; other times it is not. Here is an example. Take a look at it,” she adds.

Critics praise Dr. Chase not only for the way in which she tells her deeply-personal story, but for the diligent efforts she is making to help others. With many graduates feeling lost and confused as they attempt to navigate the employment jungle, Dr. Chase’s book is set to become a must-read for working individuals at all levels.

With demand expected to be high, interested readers are urged to purchase their copy of the book before it’s too late.

‘Beyond the Ivy League: A Chosen Career Path’, published by Amazon Digital Services, is available now: http://amzn.to/UL4SGr

About The Author: Pearl Chase
The author is a longtime educator who has taught at the high school and college levels. Additionally, Chase has served for years as a college/university administrator, and has held senior-level titles such as Executive Assistant to the President, Associate Vice President, Acting Vice President, Vice President, and Director of governing board programs and policies.

Pearl Chase has been writing and taking Bible-study classes since retiring. The author resides in the Dallas, Texas area.