Buy Here Pay Here Car Dealers Has Announced That Their Site Is Now Available to Customers Nationwide


Hickory Hills, IL -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/11/2014 -- The website provides an application process that works for everyone. It is best to fill in the application first before choosing a vehicle. This is because the application process sets out to find approvals on dealers’ loans and not an approval on a specific car. The customer is first asked to fill in first and last name, address, phone number and email, then the next page asks for date of birth, residential information, and employment information. The final required question is the percent used up out of the credit limit on revolving account(s). That is it! The completed application is filtered based on the financial situation of each application submitted. The dealership that fits the customer the most and is closest to the applicant will call back the customer with a guaranteed pre-approval.

Approval is not based on credit scores but rather on the financial circumstances of each applicant. The more financially stable a client is, the larger the loan amount is. This is because the site works with buy here pay here car dealerships. Buy here pay here is a term that means exactly what it says. The car buyer pays back the loan to the dealership they buy the car from. While this seems like common sense, the traditional way of financing means otherwise.

With traditional used car dealers, the car sold is financed through outside banks. This means that the traditional dealership gets their full price from the bank(s) as soon as the deal is signed and then the customer pays back to the bank and not to the dealer. Since the banks are involved with traditional financing, the banks set the requirements for any given loan, which usually includes a certain credit score and clean credit check. This would mean that many customers are denied financing even after they picked a car and test drove it, that is a waste of time.

The buy here pay here car dealers offer the ultimate solution to all those looking for cars but have low credit scores. They are not ordinary car dealers. They have been providing cars to people for years and have years of experience that help them in tackling credit issues. They focus more on the customer's current job and income rather than the past credit errors. As a result, they are always able to provide better car loan solutions. There is absolutely no reason why a customer should be denied a car loan because of a numerical value printed on the credit report. A customer must always remember that it is not a crime to have a bad score and no one should treat a customer like a criminal for having a low score. With the slow economy, more people have fallen behind on their credit card payments and other payment agreements. The score is just a statistical measurement and with a small variation of their financial situation, the credit score could also change. Therefore, the car buyer should not be disappointed when it comes to a bad score and rest assured that it is not difficult to find a dealer who can finance the customer's car without creating a fuss about their credit score. They just need to look for in-house financing. Once in the lot, the customer can choose any vehicle within the customer’s pre-approved loan amount. There is no time wasted as the customer only tests cars within their pre-approved budget.

The website also has more information about buy here pay here financing and how it helps car buyers. For all those who prefer visual information, they also have a video explaining the BHPH financing found at the bottom of the site where it is labeled “Videos.”

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