BHSC Warns Home Security Customers of Contract Lengths is working to inform home security customers about the contract lengths associated with their home security systems. feels it is important for consumers to know before they are locked into an agreement that they may or may not be able to get out of.


San Francisco, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/17/2013 -- (BHSC) is a home security review site that works toward providing the consumer with the facts concerning home security services and products. The BHSC expert staff researches each home security company and identifies key service components, such as contract information, and relays it to potential customers.

"If a customer is about to purchase a home security system, they have the right to know how long they will have to continue the service without being penalized," Robert Siciliano, BHSC Director of Reviews, said. "Our expert staff here at BHSC finds that type of information and includes it in a company's review so that there are no surprises after they purchase the home security system."

BHSC has discovered that contract length and opt-out options when it comes to a home security service is a major concern to consumers. Potential customers want to know what the contract entails, how long they are required to have the system, and if there is any way to get out of it if they are not satisfied with the overall performance.

"We have noticed that home security contracts are a cause for pause with many consumers," Siciliano explained. "We find that information and clearly provide it to the consumer so they don't have to worry about any fine print that may be skipped over by a home security salesman."

Throughout the process of identifying this information, the expert staff at BHSC has found companies that have specific contract requirements and service agreements that customers may or may not be aware of. For example, Time Warner Cable offers a home security package that customers are locked into for 18 months and also must subscribe the TWC internet service. While the $39.99/month price may sound attractive initially, consumers have to take into consideration that they also have to pay for an internet service and will have to pay for the service for a full year and a half.

"With some of these contracts, consumers are not allowed out and will have to pay the monthly price for the full time," Siciliano stated. "Before agreeing to anything, we urge consumers to take a look at all of the research we have done on specific companies to make sure they have full disclosure."

About BHSC
BHSC identifies important aspects of each home security company's service and product and then provides an analysis of the overall process. All of the information and data exists to help the consumer and answer any questions or concerns they may have before they purchase anything.

The goal of BHSC is to assist the consumer in their efforts to find a home security system that suits their needs. The BHSC experts have found that contract length and the ability to opt out of a contract is something that consumers are concerned with.

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