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Bible Study Announces Release of New Book



Winston, OR -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/15/2013 -- Virgil Stanphill, founder of, has released a book destined to provide comfort to those who struggle with living the Christian lifestyle. As the title suggests, "The Battlefield of the Will" explains "Why We Keep Doing What We Don't Want To Do".

Virgil Stanphill, founder of Bible Study, has released a downloadable, digital ebook dedicated to helping Christians live fulfilled, guilt free lives. One way this is achieved is by correcting a misconception many Christians have.

Said Stanphill, “Many sincere Christians don't understand the inner battle which takes place when they try to apply the teachings of the Bible to their day to day life. A lot of people believe once they surrender their heart to Jesus their problems will disappear, and life will keep getting better and better. Often, they're shocked to discover they have the same problems as before (and sometimes even worse).

My book, "The Battlefield of the Will”, provides valuable insights into why they experience difficulty. The good news is that once a person understands the nature and magnitude of the sin problem they often get a new perspective on what they’re going through and how to deal with it."

Yet the problem is nothing new. In fact, almost 2,ooo years ago the apostle Paul penned what is perhaps the most eloquent portrayal ever written to illustrate this frustration. It’s found in the 7th chapter of the book of Romans, verses 14-25.

Stanphill's book is basically a verse by verse exposition of this passage. Here’s his comment on what a person can expect to discover, “Understanding the true message this passage of Scripture conveys can be an eye opening experience that forever changes how a person experiences the gospel.”

"The Battlefield of the Will" is the first religious book produced by Virgil Stanphill, a Bible teacher and lay speaker who’s been a Christian since 1979. While he may be new to Christian book publishing he's certainly not new to Christian service. His ministry has enabled him to speak in 28 different churches in the past 9 years, and, he’s the founder of a Christian website and blog - Bible Study Those who’d like to know more about his book or how to order it are encouraged to visit his website (blog section) and read the books introduction.

Contact Information:

Virgil Stanphill
Bible Study
2021 Winston Section Rd
Winston, OR 97496