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Bicycle Gourmet's 2016 French Photo Tour Announced by Christopher Strong


Nice, France -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/28/2016 -- Christopher Strong, The American Film Maker/Photographer and Author, better known as "The Bicycle Gourmet" has decided to offer three guided cycle tours of France this Spring and Summer.

Asked why he decided to go forward with his personal "Tour de France" this year, when it's not always a yearly event, Mr. Strong responded: "Well...there were a number of reasons."

First of all, my previous fellow adventurers, who understandably are interested in returning.Not to mention the long waiting list of those who, for whatever reason, weren't able to join us in previous years.

Secondly, the tragic events here in France this year, and around the World, made me appreciate how lucky I am to be alive and living in the one of the most incredible incredible countries in the World.

And I felt, this year, more than ever, was the time to share the rich tapestry of History, Culture, and Hospitality that France has to offer.

And thirdly, I've reduced the number of tours. To three. In the Loire, where I live, The Drome Provencal, and the Hilltop Villages in the Luberon National Park in Vaucluse. Three of the regions of France I know most intimately.

And, I've limited the tours to only one per month. This allows me to enhance the experience to the greatest possible degree, and frees up time for my ongoing filming and writing commitments.''

Speaking of writing, we asked the Bicycle Gourmet if we could expect another book in "More Than a Year in Provence" series. His reply was more than positive. "No. Not just another book, but two more books. Also, there will be audiobooks available for all the editions . I haven't decided on a release date yet, but most probably they'll be available in the Spring."

With the multitude and variety of French Photo Workshops and Courses for 2016 being offered, we asked Christopher why those interested in French Landscape Photography and other types of Photography Classes, should choose him.

"Good Question. Really, it's simple. It all comes down to who can give you the best experience. Relative to your interest. If you want to shoot Horses in the Camargue, or Lavender in Provence, you check out the guides who specialize in those subjects.

What I have to offer, that I feel is unique, is more than photography. It's an intimate connection to and with the people of this land. That comes from more than fifteen years of cycling the French Country backroads. Yes, I'm a professional Photographer. And I can help advance your game. But my greatest gift to my travelling companions is a deep and personal connection to the people, their lives, and their culture.

Saint Francis said it best: 'Life is a book. If you don't travel. You only read one page.'"

Victoria Hepplewhite
Tour Co-Ordinator
SoulSource Media