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LifeCell presents a revolutionary new concept in anti-ageing, promising to eliminate all traces of wrinkles and fine lines from your face in a matter of seconds. A product of South Beach Skincare, LifeCell has become immensely popular among women and men all over the world.


Los Angeles, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/05/2013 -- Created by a team of experienced dermatologists and skincare experts, LifeCell is changing the way anti-ageing products are viewed. While most products require a few weeks to months in order to show visible results, this topical skincare treatment begins working with a single application – results are out for the world to see, in just about 17 seconds.

Nobody likes fine lines on their faces. Anti-ageing products and procedures have become hugely popular but often fall short of achieving truly effective, long-lasting results. The effects of applying LifeCell on your skin will be instant due to the presence of the active ingredients blend – Light Reflecting Micro Technology – in the product. Behind this lies a proven though not very well-known theory. In reality, wrinkles are invisible to the naked eye. What the human eye perceives as a fine line is actually just the shadow of the wrinkle. The Light Reflecting Micro Technology contained in LifeCell makes these shadows practically invisible – and your skin naturally looks more youthful and glowing.

While the impact of LifeCell may be immediate, it is not a product that merely works on a short-term basis. With regular and continuous application, the skincare blend will gradually lead to an actual reduction in all signs of ageing, thus taking years off your face. LifeCell is a formula with powerful ingredients and properties that work around the clock to strip the face of fine lines and wrinkles and leave it looking fresh and young –

- Hyaluronic acid: Popular known as “Nature's Moisturizer,” the presence of this incredient in LifeCell moisturizes the skin to the right level, without increasing sebum production that makes the skin oily. A plumping agent, it gradually eliminates wrinkles, smoothening out the skin.
- Ubiquinone: This ingredient boasts of a high amount of antioxidant properties, which boosts skin as well as body health. It heightens the capacity of the body to produce collagen, elastin and a number of other skin molecules that keep the skin free of wrinkles and looking healthy.
- DMAE (Deanol): Clinically proven to be effective not only in smoothing out wrinkles and fine lines, but also tighten the texture of the skin. Sagging skin, especially in the areas around the cheeks and neck, gradually show signs of firming with regular use of products containing DMAE properties.

Deanol also helps in the production of acetycholine which acts as a toner for facial muscles. With sustained use, Deanol can aid in the achievement of a permanently toned look. The incredible results displayd by Deanol include its effect on the eyelids, which receive a natural lift within just a few days of application.
- Retinol: A pure source of Vitamin A, retinol is often recommended by dermatologists to patients looking for a way to combat their wrinkles. Rich in renewal properties, it gives facial skin a new lease of life, refreshing the skin cells and smoothening it for a more relaxed appearance, free of lines.
- Ascorbyl Palmitate: A source of essential Vitamin C, the main function of this ingredient is to aid collagen synthesis in the skin. Increased levels of collagen can lead to positive results on facial skin, obliterating signs of wrinkles and giving it a firm look besides slowing down the ageing process. Vitamin C also serves to protect the skin from the onslaught of free radicals.
- Studies have also shown that LifeCell provides round the clock hydration for the skin and will also be effective giving lips a fuller appearance.

Recommended by dermatologists around the country, LifeCell provides a swift-acting and uncomplicated way of achieving wrinkle-free skin. No wonder so many users, including a host of celebrities, have chosen to make LifeCell an integral part of their daily skincare routine.

“I wanted to get rid of my fine lines, but did not want Botox or any other procedures. With LifeCell all I have to do is apply it regularly and the results are immediately visible.” May Brown, New Jersey (USA)

“When I first heard about the 17-second challenge offered by LifeCell I simply did not believe it. But on using it I was amazed – it really works! I took before and after use photos and the difference was incredible.” Tanya Pinto, Mumbai (India)

About LifeCell
LifeCell has been formulated after years of research by the team at South Beach SkinCare, with the aim of providing customers with an anti-ageing solution that yields positive results quickly. Studies have shown that the product can significantly diminish the requirement for any form of cosmetic surgeries to reverse the ageing process.

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