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Arcadia, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/25/2013 -- Most people consider bidets as a luxurious toilet product. It may be true because a fully functional advanced bidet costs hundreds of dollars. An average consumer therefore does not want to spend that much of money on a new toilet seat or when renovating an existing toilet. They also do not want to overthrow their old toilet only to install the latest electronic toilets. Manufactures have found simple solutions for this by developing sprayer type bidet attachments that can be fixed to an existing toilet. Though it does not come with electronic functions, it can shoot a stream of water to the anal area that is strong and powerful to clean after toilet use.

BIDET4ME MB-1000 Easy Bidet- The Least Priced Bidet:

No electricity or battery is required to operate this bidet attachment. Just attach it to any existing toilet and you are done. A single flush nozzle supply cold water, the pressure of which can be adjusted to three different levels by turning the knobs. The installation is self explanatory and does not require the assistance of a plumber in most cases. The nozzle can be replaced by removing them from the brackets.

BIDET4ME MB-2000 Dual Nozzles Bidet- The Comfortable Bidet:

This bidet comes with two nozzles, one male and the other female.No electric power is required to run this. It connects directly to the cold water and hot water sources of the toilet. Both temperature and pressure of the water can be adjusted by turning the knobs. The removable splash guarded nozzles can be cleaned and reinstalled. The bidet comes with two long flexible hoses, one for carrying cold water and the other for carrying hot water. Anybody can install this bidet without the help of a technician but if the sizes of the hoses are not appropriate, they can be separately purchased.

These quality bidets with ABS valves (BIDET4ME Brand) are available at extra 10% off at, the leading online store for a period from July 26th, 2013 to August 1st, 2013.This the best opportunity to own such an impressive toilet product at a low price.

The Benefits of Buying Bidets:

A bidet is not just a cleaning product but a family companion too. There are different groups of people in a family like seniors, disabled, old women, children and all these people get benefits from using a bidet. Those suffering from anal problems find it easy to clean the area without using toilet paper. The MB-1000 and MB-2000 bidets are made of durable material and they come with one year manufacturer warranty for any defect.

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