BIDTC Adds Unique Company to Their Rankings

MyLife was added to BIDTC's site as an up-and-coming identity theft company.


San Francisco, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/16/2014 -- At the end of September 2014, (BIDTC) added a unique company to their rankings. MyLife, normally used for managing consumer's personal information and social media presence, has made its way into the identity theft industry. BIDTC reviewed them as soon as they caught word of this recent move.

BIDTC is a trusted source for identity theft company reviews. Their team of experts are constantly researching and exposing the greatest and weakest companies in the identity theft industry. Right now, MyLife is ranked low, but BIDTC has stated that they may become a major competitor.

“We see MyLife's potential to become great. They already offer valuable features other identity theft companies don’t. And the features that MyLife doesn't offer yet, we know that they will be offered down the road, “ says BIDTC website manager, Amber Newby.

MyLife allows customers to not only view their online personal information in one place, but also manage it the way they want. Customers can choose to view this information on their computers or on an app. This app, on both iPhone and Android, was named one of the best apps in 2012.

MyLife's services are quoted at $95.40 a year. This puts them among the cheapest services out of any company ranked on BIDTC. Customer's will be able to protect their personal information, view who is searching for them, and receive alerts whenever there is any suspicious activity or changes to their information. MyLife will calculate their customer's current risk of identity theft. Customer's can then track this risk overtime and monitor their progress.

One of their best features is a basic but valuable tool. MyLife's summary section gives customers a “snapshot” of all of their personal information that is online. The snapshot includes which records need to be removed, which ones MyLife has already removed for them, how many sites MyLife has investigated, and the number of sites that are exposing the costumer's personal information.

MyLife has mentioned adding more components to their identity theft services. BIDTC will stay on top of their development and continually update MyLife's review and score as the change happens.

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