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Big Air Motocross iPhone App Now Ready for Free Download

Big Air Motocross version 1.01, a new and awesome iPhone app from All New Apps is now ready for free download.


Indianapolis, IN -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/16/2012 -- Big Air Motocross version 1.01, a new and awesome iPhone app from All New Apps is now ready for free download. The said app is a high flying and high speed outdoor motocross app designed for motocross lovers and enthusiasts who want to experience the most thrilling gaming experience ever. Apart from the iPhone, it is also compatible with iPad and iPod touch, but requires iOS 4.3.

Big App Motocross features fixed end level bug and fixed Facebook posting button. It also features 25 challenging motocross levels, multiple characters (zombie, sumo wrestler, alien, female and male), speed boosts for catching huge air, skip levels for pushing seemingly unbeatable levels and game center for tracking high scores and challenging friends. There is also an in game store where gamers can buy level skips, extra characters, speed boosts or unlock all features of the app.

According to Brown, these features set it apart from the other motocross iPhone apps out in the market today. He also added that he is confident that the said app will satisfy the cravings of gamers for a thrilling and exciting game.

The instruction in playing big Air Motocross is easy. The gamer must gather speed by simply pressing the screen while going downhill. He must not press the screen while going uphill, as he might lose his speed. When in mind-air, the screen must once again be pressed in order to bring the rider back to ground to catch the backside of the jumps to gain more speed. To know how to play this game strategically, gamers are advised to view demos by visiting or

Upon the launch of Big Air Motocross, it has received several positive feedbacks from gamers, and some of them are as follows.

"For motocross fans, this is an awesome game that you simply can't miss!"

"A great motocross game. I love the characters, speed boosts and level skips to help the high score along. I just purchased the Unlock All feature and am loving the extras! Nice work."

"If you like motocross this app if for you. This is the best motocross app in the market."

"I love motorcycle games and this is absolutely my favorite! Very nice game control and good graphics. Awesome!"

For more details about Big Air Motocross, visit All New Apps’ website at or their pages at and To download the app for free, visit