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Big Bounce Fun House Rentals Announces New Safety Recommendations

Big Bounce Fun House Rentals reports most injuries can be prevented by following simple rules that are easy to remember


Indianapolis, IN -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/24/2014 -- One child every 45 minutes lands in the emergency room due to an injury associated with bounce house rentals, yet, according to most experts, the injuries could easily be avoided through safe and proper use of the inflatables. The most common injuries typically involve the upper extremities, such as the elbows, but any part of the body is at risk. Avoiding many of these injuries involves nothing more than following simple safety rules.

"Parents need to limit the use of inflatables to children six years of age or older and an inflatable should only be used when one or more adults trained in the safe use of the inflatable are present. Only one child should be on the inflatable at any time, yet, in situations where multiple children will be using the inflatable, they need to be of approximately the same height, weight, and age," Susan Lorimer, spokesperson for Big Bounce Fun House Rentals, explains.

Weather conditions frequently lead to issues with inflatables, with wind being the biggest factor. Bounce house manufacturers recommend halting use of the bounce house or other inflatable when winds reach 20 miles per hour or higher. Children don't appreciate having to stop the fun, yet adults need to recognize the danger and remove the children. Another option is to deflate the best bounce house rentals from Big Bounce Fun House Rentals Indianapolis IN to prevent injuries if an inflatable does become airborne.

"Anytime there is a question as to whether or not play should be stopped, it needs to stop immediately. It's always better to be safe than sorry in this situation. Although some, if not all, guests may be disappointed, safety always comes first," Lorimer continues.

Big Bounce Fun House Rentals Bounce House Safety continues to be the top priority at all times. The company handles the Safe installation of Bounce Houses Big Bounce Fun House Rentals before conducting a safety meeting with all event staff. This ensures the staff members understand exactly what they need to do whenever the equipment is in use to ensure the safety of all event attendees.

"Many rental companies offer installation and take down services, yet fail to explain the proper use of the equipment. This remains the most crucial step, however, as the event host and staff members are the ones manning the inflatables. Event hosts also receive the option of having trained personnel come in to man the inflatables at an additional fee. For those choosing to use their own personnel, if a question arises during the event, event hosts have access to a Big Bounce Fun House Rentals employee by telephone. Safety should never be a concern when using Big Bounce Fun House Rentals as measures have been put into place to ensure everyone's safety," Lorimer promises.

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Big Bounce Fun House Rentals, a company known for making events successful, brings over 20 years of experience to each rental transaction and offers personalized attention at every step of the process, from the first phone call until after the event is over. From schools and churches to festivals and businesses, Big Bounce Fun House offers the inflatables and equipment individuals are looking for. Safety remains the company's top priority at all times and readily provides their certificate of insurance to every customer who asks.