Big Brand Boys

Big Brand Boys Launches to Offer Insightful Commentary on the High Society Lifestyle

Big Brand Boys is a website that covers what’s trending in the highest echelons of fashion, music and society, aimed at men who want to be part of the prestige class.


New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/20/2015 -- Prestige is all about making bold statements, and there is a billion dollar industry surrounding luxury goods that enables people to do just that. Just like fashion and culture on the public level, the elite tastes can fluctuate quickly, and it's important to have a finger on the pulse. Poor choices on the top level can be more humiliating that being a little behind the times as a groundling. Big Brand Boys is a new website that helps people avoid the pitfalls and lean into the latest hot trends.

The luxury based editorials on the website cover everything from cufflinks made from melted down supercars to the top ten richest kids on Instagram. The site also covers the latest gadgets and tech, including Louis Vuitton Apple watch-straps and designer iPhone cases.

Covering music and culture, there are articles on Wiz Khalifa's latest singles and the American Express black card, as well as fashion updates from Versace and Hermes. The site is designed for those who both live and aspire to live the high life, functioning as both a news resource and an inspiration.

A spokesperson for Big Brand Boys explained, "We understand that for those whose image matters, the right choices mean everything. A look can be composed from many designers, and there's an art form to how people balance these elements, whether it be what they wear, what they listen to or even what they do. For those who want to swim in elite circles, staying on top of taste is essential. We offer the best way to do that, with insightful articles published every day. Big Brand Boys is just beginning, but with our sensibilities, it won't be long until we're viewed alongside the designer items we review as a must-have for the high-rollers."

About Big Brand Boys
Big Brand Boys is a website about Fashion, Lifestyle, Music and Culture. The site features the latest news and trends, regularly updated by a committed team of people passionate about living the high life in style. The site offers advice, inspiration, reviews and editorials to help aspirational people walk the walk as well as talking the talk.

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