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Big Daddy's Nutrition Cautions Consumers About Dangerous Dietary Supplements Ingredients


Exton, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/23/2019 -- Big Daddy's Nutrition has recently warned consumers about some harmful ingredients that can be found in dietary and performance supplements. The team at Big Daddy's Nutrition is composed of nutritionists, dieticians, and personal training experts. They stock a wide range of fitness and diet supplements in Chester County, all of which are made with premium ingredients and contain no harmful additives or toxic chemicals.

Some supplements from other retailers contain titanium dioxide, which has been linked to inflammation of the small intestine and kidney damage in mice. This is particularly harmful to people who ingest supplements to help manage conditions such as Crohn's Disease. If ingested, titanium dioxide could potentially worsen their condition.

Food colorings are added to some vitamin tablets and powders to enhance their aesthetic appeal and link their color to their flavor. While some are harmless, other food colorings have been linked to hyperactivity and attention problems in children and can cause allergic reactions in some adults.

Omega 3 supplements are popular with people looking to improve their heart and brain health. However, because fish are relatively high up the food chain, metals that they ingest can make their way into these supplements. Mercury, lead, and PCB's have been identified in Omega 3 supplements, and these can be carcinogenic if frequently ingested by adults. Consumers are urged to look for safety labels stating that their supplements have been tested and contain low levels of these substances before they finalize a purchase.

Consumers should always check the labels and try to find food-based supplements that are derived from organic sources. For additional information, or to purchase sports performance supplements in West Chester, PA, visit

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