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Big Dog, Little Puppy: Captivating Storybook Empowers Children to Be Responsible, Productive & Loving

Written by Don Maples and inspired by his own upbringing on a large Tennessee farm, ‘Big Dog, Little Puppy’ exposes the good, the bad and the enchanting sides of farm life. Above all, the story helps foster the spirit of good character and compassion among its young readers.


Kaufman, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/15/2014 -- While numerous children’s books showcase bold reasons for developing positive character, few are set in the unusual yet wholly-entertaining environment of a family farm. That is what makes Don Maples’ ‘Big Dog, Little Puppy’ so unique – it fuses a moralistic story with solid education on farm life.

Synopsis of book:

Little puppy is adopted and goes to live on a farm, where meets The Big Dog who he calls Grandpa. He has so much fun growing up with Grandpa and his human family. He explores the many new things that he finds, he gets into trouble and has to call for Grandpa to come to help him. He plays in the creek trying to catch fish and crawfish, he gets into trouble when he goes into deep water, but Grandpa comes to help him. He meets with a skunk that he thought was another cat. " Another lesson well learned!" He plays with Young Boy and goes with him to meet the school bus.

Grandpa teaches him about the dangers on the farm. Then he meets Young Boy's girl friend that he likes very much. He has so much fun with the young woman. Young boy and the young woman gets married and goes away for a while. When they come back he is very happy and runs to meet them. Then Young Boy had to go the army and go to war. That was a very sad time for Young Puppy.

When the young woman brings home a new baby Little Puppy was happy to see him, he looked so much like Young Boy, as the baby grew they played together all the time. Then there was a tragic accident and Grandpa went to be with Young Boy. Young Boy said to Grandpa come on it's time to meet JESUS.

As the author explains, his book offers two very distinct benefits.

“Firstly, the book opens children’s eyes to the workings and struggles of the family farm and share crop farming. The joys of this lifestyle are also displayed with gusto – it’s the life I grew up with and I’m extremely proud of my roots,” says Maples, who also served eight years in the United States Military.

He continues, “Throughout the story there is also an over-riding display of love, responsibility and hard work. I feel that these are values many young people can learn through a good story. Accompanied with stunning imagery, my narrative is sure to bring something unique to any family bed-time”

With the book’s popularity increasing, interested readers are urged to purchase their copies as soon as possible.

‘Big Dog, Little Puppy’ is available now: http://amzn.to/1aBG5u7.

About the Author: Don Maples
Don Maples was raised in a large family on a farm in east Tennessee as share crop farmers. After serving in the army for eight years, he worked in the private sector. Twice in his life he has had up close encounters with skunks and knows just what the spray and bad odor is. A few years ago, the words to this book kept coming to his mind. He had never even thought about writing a book, but the words kept coming back. He wrote Big Dog, Little Puppy in the hopes that someone will get some inspiration from it. I had never even thought about writing a book, but the words kept coming back over and over.