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Big Idea Mastermind Launches Free Training Course About Online Money Making Techniques

Big Idea Mastermind Is First To Offer Unique Simplified Affiliate Marketing Strategy


Para Hills, South Australia -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/03/2013 -- Beginning in 2007, the world entered into its most recent recession. Statistics indicate by 2009 the worldwide unemployment rate reached its highest point since 1983. As a result of this economic downfall, millions have been left to struggle, both financially and emotionally. Many of those left without gainful employment possess little to no training or education beyond the industry in which they were previously occupied. Families accustomed to living a relatively prosperous lifestyle have been forced to make cutbacks and adjust to more frugal living. Those who were barely able to cover basic expenses are now dropping below the poverty line. In an effort to help those affected, both directly and indirectly, by the recession, Big Idea Mastermind has launched a free training mini-course to educate the public regarding how to successfully Make Money Online.

Vick Strizheus, Internet Marketing Expert for Big Idea Mastermind, affirmed, "At Big Idea Mastermind, we believe there are three basic requirements for making money online that are not taught by any other course. In our mini-course, we refer to these three elements as the vehicle, engine and fuel. The first factor, the vehicle, is the idea that will get you from where you are to where you need to be. This involves discovering something to promote, whether it be an offer, a product, an affiliate or an opportunity. Secondly, we have the engine which drives the vehicle. For our scenario, the engine is the item being promoted; however, most Internet marketers fail to realize the importance of distinguishing themselves from their competitors. For each product or idea being promoted, there could be hundreds of affiliate marketers publicizing the very same offer. In order to be successful, one must develop a unique marketing strategy. The third element in our system is the fuel, or what keeps the engine operating to propel the vehicle. In our case, the fuel is bringing traffic to the offer. Persuading potential customers to become part of a system, rather than simply visiting a website, will help perpetuate an affiliate marketer's business."

Vick Strizheus went on to say, "Courses similar to the one we offer usually try to over complicate the process. We simplified the techniques and created our one of a kind system. With our free training course, our clients are able to Work From Home and decide exactly how much money they want to make, whether it be enough to cover a few monthly expenses or enough to foster an extravagant lifestyle. We believe anyone can apply our life changing system to make money online, regardless of their education or skill level."

About Big Idea Mastermind
Big Idea Mastermind provides a free training mini-course designed to encourage online money making potential. Their goal is to help others become successful in the affiliate marketing industry. They hope to help create countless success stories and assist others in transforming their lives and creating a more comfortable lifestyle for their families.