Big Idea Mastermind Revolutionizes Internet Marketing


Calgary, Canada -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/22/2013 -- An online entrepreneur and top Internet marketer of over 10 years’ experience is now sharing a recently-created money making system which made him $710,000 in just 28 days, for free. The details of how the system works is being described as ‘both foolproof and failsafe’ and the designer is launching the campaign in a bid to help others to achieve success online.

After the initial launch period, the campaign went on to generate some $1.2 million in the space of two months, a huge figure which was achieved without any contact lists or products to sell.

This new system represents the ‘Holy Grail’ of Internet marketing.

Vic Strizheus is something of a celebrity within this sector of business and has founded a number of popular and highly successful information products and courses including the award-winning High Traffic Academy.

The link to the new training mini course can be found here, where viewers will be treated to an introduction video of Strizheus in his Miami Beach Florida home, driving the latest Ferrari 458 and giving away freebies including the famous Landing Page Pro software with the price tag of $497.

How Was So Much Money Made?
Strizheus explains in his lecture that around 98% of people who endeavor into Internet marketing businesses to create a secondary or passive income, fail in the process. Thus, he encourages people to ignore what 98% of people are doing (rather than copying them, as is usually attempted) and follow instead a system which he provides in full over a free, three-video mini course.

The process is a relatively simple one and Strizheus tells the story how one of his students with no previous experience or e-mail list of interested clients made $30,000 in the first month.

How Does that Compare with Traditional Internet Marketing?
Traditionally, Internet marketing and affiliate marketing are phrases used interchangeably. While many people seek to create an income through the process of selling products online by affiliating with the manufacturer and taking a commission per sale, very few people achieve success.

In order to make money, a product must first be found which is suitable for the seller to partner with, a website must be built and finally (the most difficult part) traffic must be generated either via paid advertising or through organic search and search engine optimization (SEO).

The new method on offer is taking the Internet by storm. The Big Idea Mastermind project has the goal of helping over 100,000 people achieve their ideal lives and to strive for 10,000 of those people to generate $250,000 per year by the end of the program. With the so-called “Traffic King” behind them, it’s starting to look like these goals will be realized.

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