Big Identity Protection Company Earns a Top-3 Spot on Review Site finds Experian’s ProtectMyID as one of the best identity protection products in the nation


San Francisco, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/06/2014 -- (BIDTC) recently reviewed Experian’s ProtectMyID product and found that they are one of the most reliable identity theft protection companies for consumers in the industry. BIDTC visitors can even get a 50 percent off discount by signing up directly through the Experian ProtectMyID company profile on BIDTC.

ProtectMyID is one of BIDTC’s most searched identity protection companies. In the event of major data breaches, companies like Target and Neiman Marcus have chosen ProtectMyID to grant their customers with complimentary identity protection services to ensure that they won’t be victimized.

“As a financial professional, I am very concerned about identity theft. The cost and risk associated with it can be great,” said Experian ProtectMyID customer Alan. “After having reviewed the services ProtectMyID offers, I found it to be of good value, and will be signing the rest of my family up [for it as well.]”

ProtectMyID offers an array of services to their customers including:
- Full credit monitoring over all three credit reports
- Internet scanning of personal information
- National change of address monitoring to reduce the risk of mail fraud
- Lost wallet protection that cancels and replaces lost or stolen credit cards
- Identity theft resolution from agents that will help completely restore a victim’s identity

Experian ProtectMyID has one of the best insurance policies, therefore earning itself a perfect insurance quality score on BIDTC. Their identity recovery service is also top-notch because of their great resolution experts on hand. Customers can even test the product for free for seven days before even committing.

Not only has ProtectMyID made an impression on, but their reputation also earned them the “Best in Class Call Center” award in 2013. This proves that their customer services are high quality.

“I enjoy the services because I can always get an update on my personal information,” said Experian ProtectMyID customer Amber. “I’m happy with ProtectMyID and am even willing to pay full price so I can get more benefits from their service.”

Experian is one of the largest credit reporting agencies in the nation, therefore they have the workforce and experience to handle millions of customers who all have very specific needs.

Consumers can read more about Experian ProtectMyID’s product, as well as other identity theft protection companies, on

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