Big News for Small Construction Business! You Now Have Your Own Community


Kingston, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/19/2013 -- Those in the construction business understand the difficulties of marketing and grow their business. Even more struggle with finding quality news and information about Construction Mareketing outside of word-of-mouth and referrals from existing customers. Now, there is Profit in Construction.

A website devoted to news and information on the construction industry and construction marketing, Profit in Construction covers all aspects of the construction business, from management to news.

“We wanted a place for construction professionals to have their own news and information. We also have other topics that are pertinent to construction as well,” said Ken Bower, owner of Profit in Construction.


Construction managers have the difficult job of maintaining the worksite and ensuring that each sub-contractor arrives on time and schedules work appropriately. From the roughing-in to the final stages, the untrained managers and management have a difficult time run any construction site.

“We have excellent tips and suggestions for the management side of the industry, with tips on how to be more successful and turn better profits because of it,” said Bower.


Large scale, commercial and industrial construction firms often do not struggle with marketing, but smaller, solely owned construction company owners could benefit from the quality tips and techniques of construction marketing.

“Marketing is such a broad field, too many marketing firms are not geared directly to helping construction companies with what they need the most, assistance with their businesses,” said Bower.


The hardest part about a construction company’s work is estimating the costs of doing business with a client. Too little, and you will lose money; too much, and you will lose jobs. Profit in Construction has a marketing plan and assistance to streamline the construction estimating process.

“Our main purpose, even with these other topics, is our news and information for the professional. We have growing resource of news and information devoted specifically to news in the construction business – all geared to helping you and your business become more profitable,” said Bower.

Profit In Construction will be releasing its first step-by-step free strategy guide, this guide will cover marketing and lead generation strategies, how to team up with the US government to help obtain financing and new contracts, as well as the competitive bidding process.

Although the official release date has not yet been set, "Bower" assures us it will be released before July 1.

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