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Big Oak Citgo Is Encouraging Community Members to Support Their Local Businesses


Yardley, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/29/2016 -- The leading car repair shop serving Yardley, PA, Big Oak Citgo, says supporting local businesses—regardless of the industry—is an imperative aspect of creating a successful community. Big Oak Citgo is an active local small business leader in Bucks County, and is currently shedding light on the reasons why supporting nearby companies makes sense as a whole.

According to Big Oak, first and foremost, buying local is smart for stimulating the economy in that respective area. By shopping through independent retailers and service providers, more capital sticks around that community, and will undoubtedly flow between other businesses in the area. When that happens, it only means a stronger economy for that particular community.

Local business owners are also more invested in the towns in which they operate, says Big Oak, to make its second point. Because small business owners are actually residents and members of the communities they serve (for the most part), they tend to be more invested in getting to know their customers, who are also their neighbors.

Big Oak Citgo has been fulfilling Morrisville, PA's auto mechanic needs since 1994, and over the years, they have taken the local-business-owner-as-community-member ideology to heart. They are known for putting their community's needs ahead of all else, and have built their business upon the foundation of maintaining strong relationships with their neighbors, and being proactive members of their geographic area of operation.

To learn more about Big Oak Citgo's commitment to community and quality automotive servicing and detailing, please visit the company's website, or dial 215-310-0598.

About Big Oak Citgo
Big Oak Citgo is a family owned and operated gasoline service station offering quality automotive repair and service solutions designed to fit any budget. Located on the corner of Big Oak Road and Makefield Road in Lower Makefield Township, they have been serving the Yardley and Morrisville communities for over 20 years. "Our customers are our friends and neighbors" says Tom Cooper, owner of Big Oak Citgo, "we work hard to earn their business and value their trust in us."

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