Big Winners of the United Nations General Assembly May Be Penny Stocks and Small Companies

As the General Assembly of the United Nations takes over Manhattan for the next week, a lot of political posturing is expected. While few actionable decisions are anticipated to come from the meetings, there will be specific ramifications as the positions of the delegate nations are expressed. Those ramifications have the potential to move the prices of oil and precious metals, or increase the potential for military activity, which is turn will affect the prices of stocks, among those specific penny stocks which are profiled by the penny stock newsletter published by the Peter Leeds team.


New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/24/2012 -- The United Nations General Assembly kicks off today in Manhattan, with delegates from all over the world meeting over the coming week. President Obama is speaking to the gathering tomorrow, and other notables will present their positions in the coming days, including Iran's president Ahmadinejad who will speak Wednesday.

The U. N. often demonstrates the political directions of the underlying nations, and those directions in turn can have impacts on prices of commodities, military spending trends, potential conflicts, and much more. One analyst expects that the results of the gathering will move the prices of some smaller publicly traded companies, specifically certain penny stocks.

Peter Leeds, author of "Invest in Penny Stocks" [John Wiley & Sons], publisher of the world famous Peter Leeds penny stocks newsletter, public speaker, and authority on penny stock investments, suggests that some great opportunities will arise from the meeting.

"Nothing concrete will come out of the gathering," says Leeds. "However, a lot of the best opportunities for investments in penny stocks will arise, and we will look to uncover these for subscribers of our penny stock newsletter."

"Oil will see it's risk premium increase with Ahmadinejad's talk on Tuesday. Some delegates will walk out during his talk to demonstrate opposition. As Iran solidifies their course of action, it inflates the concerns of war. That in turn drives up oil prices, which in turn benefits oil production penny stocks."

"Penny stocks and the penny stock picks we profile will also be impacted by situations with Syria, Libya, and a lot of the MENA (Middle East North Africa) region. There is the potential for penny stocks in the oil, gold, silver, and base metals industries to be affected. As well, discussions on energy usage and sources may affect uranium penny stocks, and those penny stocks servicing the nuclear industry."

Asked what changes he expects to come out of the assembly, Leeds mentions he does not expect any. "Obama has to play it safe until after the election in six weeks, and there are numerous landmines he will need to tiptoe around, such as the Arab spring and the current anti-American state of affairs worldwide. As well, most of the political opinions and directions from the member nations are well known already, and there won't be any surprises. There hardly ever are. With the U.N. General Assembly, everything is as it seems."

Leeds suggests that penny stocks whih may benefit from the U.N. meetings will enable subscribers to his penny stock newsletter to profit, as he and his team review and profile the penny stocks which will be in the right place at the right time. He goes on to comment that getting ahead of the curve before these global impacts can really set up specific penny stocks to profit and increase their share prices.

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