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California City, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/06/2013 -- Once a new website is started, the website owner considers several strategies to improve the website’s rank and direct traffic towards it. However, taking the competition into account, this may take time. In order to analyze the website statistics, most website owners outsource the task to SEO service providers. BigWebStats, however, can easily analyze a website and display its statistics in a matter of minutes.

Website owners can get SEO insights of not only their own websites but also other websites. BigWebStats offers many services including website analysis, providing detailed information on domains like http headers, WHOIS data, expiration etc. It also offers a plethora of website tools to analyze server status, Google page ranks, IP locations etc. “We can provide the most advanced website statistics in a simplified format which can be used to estimate the website’s quality,” says BigWebStats, also explaining that they make use of several proprietary technologies to do so.

A new website will definitely have to face competition. BigWebStats’ statistics can provide an insight on how a website is coping with the competition. This website analyzes any URL that the user provides, by gathering and compiling information from many sources including the URL itself. The reviews will be based on the website usability, SEO and many other factors. After the review, the site gives a score the analyzed website. The ‘BigScore’ helps determine the quality of the website.

The statistics are displayed in a simplified manner after amassing raw data from numerous sources. Another feature, which users will notice, in the BigWebStats website is the list of websites with top ranks. The list shows the rank of 1000 websites. Due to the significance of social media in redirecting traffic to a website, BigWebStats also analyzes the social buzz of each website during traffic. After each reviews, the owner will be provided with tips to optimize and monitor their websites and also improve the on-page and off-page SEO.

About BigWebStats
BigWebStats is an online website analyzer offering detailed statistical reports of websites as well as domains. The reviews are completed in a matter of minutes after assembling and processing the data and the reports will include information on the technologies used by the reviewed sites. BigWebStats offers all its services for free, also providing tips to improve website traffic ranking and SEO.

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