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The website lets users discover advanced statistics for any website


California City, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/22/2013 -- BigWebStats, a website dedicated to analysis other websites, provides in-depth statistics and rankings of websites free of cost. The website statistics provided by BigWebStats helps to determine how a person’s website fares as compared to their competitors. The website analysis includes several parameters like visitors’ insights, website traffic, SEO basics, SEO off-page, SEO on-page, social buzz, domain information, usability, keyword rankings, security and technology rankings as well as list of similar websites. Users can get instant reviews as well as helpful recommendations to monitor and optimize their websites.

The website also has a list of top ranking websites in the world right from rank 1 till rank 999. A range of website tools are provided in BigWebStats which helps review any site using the particular tool. These tools include Alexa Traffic Checker, HTML Tag Counter, IP Location, Domain Availability, Google Page Rank, Link Extractor, Ping Test, DNS Records, Website Worth Calculator, Domain Whois etc.

Getting website statistics is quite simple via BigWebStats and it merely involves the entering of the URL of the website into the field. Within a few seconds a complete analysis of the website will be displayed along with helpful recommendations. The website states, “Using the service is as easy as entering in the URL you want to analyze. After a couple of minutes of gathering and processing data, BigWebStats displays the stats for you.”

In addition, for every website that BigWebStats reviews, it assigns a BigScore based on around 50 factors including SEO, usability and social buzz. BigScore which has hundreds of data sources, helps in determining quality of a website. Regarding the data that BigWebStats utilizes, the website states, “BigWebStats gathers volumes of raw data from multiple sources and presents it to users in a clear format that allows them to quickly find the insights they need.”

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About BigWebStats
BigWebStats is a website that caters to providing detailed statistics about any website. The website is very useful for folks who wish to find out how their website fares again their competitors. The statistics of websites include visitors’ insights, SEO basics, social buzz, SEO off-page, SEO on-page, domain information, keyword rankings, usability, similar websites, technology insights etc. The services of the website are completely free of cost and allow users to get reviews of any websites instantly. In addition, BigWebStats also provides tips to monitor and optimize websites. A range of website tools are also available which helps the website give a BigScore to each website it reviews using BigData collected.

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