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Bike Gearz Helps Bicycle Riders Stay Safe This Summer with High Intensity Safety Lights


San Francisco, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/08/2013 -- Bicycles are a minority on the road. Constantly surrounded by vehicles much larger than them, bicyclists need to always be aware of their surroundings. But even that is not always enough, and vehicle-on-bicycle accidents are a regular occurrence across the country.

One company aims to make biking safer than ever before. That company is Bike Gearz, which recently released a high intensity LED bike light designed to keep bikers safe when riding at night or in situations with poor visibility.

At, visitors can learn all about the new LED bike light. The website features articles about bicycle safety, including tips and tricks for staying safe on the road. For bicyclists, tips include dressing in visible outerwear, brightening up with an LED tail light or headlight, and finding routes with dedicated bike lanes.

The site also features tips for drivers, including slowing down when passing a bicyclist and giving bicyclists lots of room to maneuver when trailing behind them on a road.

But the main feature of the website is its article entitled “How to Save A Life In One Easy Step.” In that article, the ‘step’ refers to installing an LED bike light onto the back of a bicycle.

A spokesperson for explains how the new Bike Gearz light aims to be one of the best bicycle lights in the world:

“We’ve designed our bicycle light entirely with safety in mind. The light includes 6 different flashing modes and 5 LED lights that are visible up to 800 meters, or 2500 feet, away – even in bad weather and poor visibility conditions. The light is attached to the back of the bicycle in order to protect cyclists from traffic driving past.”

Users select which mode they need by clicking an orange button on the side of the light. Modes include:

- Steady beam
- Fast flash
- Slow strobe
- Slow, medium, and fast chasing patterns

Each light comes with a removable bike mount, making it easy to secure onto any bicycle. The LED bicycle tail light takes just a few minutes to install.

The website explains that the lights can be used by more than just bicyclists: they’re also ideal for joggers, strollers, hikers, car emergencies, camping, and more. The LED bulbs also last for 50,000 hours, which effectively ensures that users will never need to replace them.

About Bike Gearz
Bike Gearz is a bicycle safety manufacturer that recently released a high intensity LED light designed to make bicyclists as safe as possible. The light is currently on sale for $11.95 and comes with a detachable mount for the back of any bicycle. It features 6 different flashing modes and can be seen from over 800 meters (2500 feet) away. For more information, please visit: