Bikini League Launches Nationwide Open Call for Athletes and Fans


Orlando, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/03/2013 -- Bikini League is the first full fledge league of its kind merging health, fitness and nontraditional sports with the ever popular bikini. With the recent success of the Lingerie Football League and the record breaking year for restaurants known as Breastaurants comes the latest entertainment sports league to combine sports with sex appeal.

Bikini League is currently having an open call to fill team openings with active and fit ladies along with fans to compete to win cash and prizes this summer. So if you love sports, enjoy working out, are athletic, competitive, a fitness or bikini model or simply look good in a bikini or board shorts sign up today at

Bikini League will feature participants playing in not just one sport but a variety of traditional and nontraditional sports throughout the season including an Obstacle Course Rally, Softball, Bull Riding, a Decathlon Relay, Dodge Ball, Boxing and GoCart Racing among others.

Bikini League sporting events will have hundreds of participants including fans, which separates Bikini League from other professional leagues, also having the opportunity to play in the same sporting events through Fan Play.

“We intend to merge sports with bikinis to enhance the sporting experience while giving fans an opportunity to test their skills as well” states the commissioner of Bikini League, Aaron Alexander.

Bikini League will kick-off in late May and will be made up of individual athletes, fans and teams in major cities including Miami, Los Angeles, Atlanta, Chicago, Washington DC, Las Vegas, Orlando, Houston and New York City.

Bikini League, LLC is an entertainment sports league based out of the Orlando, FL area started in 2012 to provide organized sporting and entertainment events throughout the summer for individuals who like to stay fit, active and enjoy having fun.

Media Contact:
Aaron Alexander
Orlando, FL