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Bill Beazley Homes Announces Latest Smart Home Options to CSRA

Bill Beazley Homes stays on the cutting edge of technology by providing custom Smart Home options to homeowners in Augusta, Georgia and the surrounding area.


Evans, GA -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/13/2013 -- In the age of Smart Living, Bill Beazley Homes is committed to providing service to meet the evolving needs of its customers. Beginning in the neighborhoods of Woodlief (homes 26-A and 6 E) and The Retreat (homes 14-E and 3-D), Smart Home technology, a comprehensive, home-automation system, will come standard. However, for a reasonable price, anyone in any subdivision can upgrade his home with a BBH Smart Homes package. With a compatible Smartphone any homeowner in the CSRA can control numerous electronic devices in their home with the touch of a button.

Smart Home packages are fully customizable. It all starts with “The Hub”, the nucleus of the Smart Home system. The Hub connects homeowners to their homes via a Smartphone or tablet, and keeps them connected no matter where they are on the planet. From there a range of automated devices are available. Add convenience and safety to any home with the simple to use, wifi-enabled security cameras, leak sensors, smoke detectors, remote controlled outlets, non-dimming and dimming light switches and more. Faster reaction time in emergency situations, energy efficiency, and an extra eye on your home are just a few of the benefits Smart Homes provide. By choosing Smart Home technology, a homeowner is protecting what is most valuable to them: their home, their heirlooms, and the loved ones inside.

For the CSRA, Bill Beazley Homes is at the forefront of Smart Home builders.

Integrating the Smart Home system into a home is quick and easy. The installation will be conducted by a professional and integrated seamlessly into the home décor with no wires, tape, or screws. In addition, Smart Homes systems are self-monitoring, so there are no monthly fees to keep them running.

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Bill Beazley Homes is a family-owned and operated business, servicing residents of Augusta, Georgia surrounding areas for 40 years. Bill Beazley Homes remains on the cutting edge of technology, always staying vigilant for ways to meet the evolving needs of their clients.

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