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Bill Dyer Publishes "Doing Time with God - Stories of Healing and Hope in Our Prisons"

Eye opening book about how Bill Dyer dealt with being a victim of violence, came through enormous emotional suffering, and formed a Restorative Justice Prison Ministry to create safer communities with fewer crime victims


Mountain View, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/03/2014 -- Bill Dyer is not the only victim of a violent crime, but he is certainly one of the few who, as a result of his tragic experience, is spreading a message of God’s healing power and forgiveness. In his new book, “Doing Time With God”, Bill Dyer clearly shows how a sense of purpose and shifts in perspective can transform a person’s very being.

Bill was robbed and shot on his way to work while getting cash from an ATM. Everybody has done this, and most people know it could happen to them. After this became a reality for Bill, he was filled with hatred and resentment, obsessing about getting revenge for months on end. As a result of his reckless reactions, Bill’s life spiraled downward into lots of self-imposed suffering. Stuck in darkness, he couldn’t see a bigger picture and make better choices.

Doing Time With God” was born out of this experience. During a lengthy hospital stay while recovering from being shot, Bill was miserable. He became an inmate in the “prison of his own understanding”. While wallowing in his anger and resentment, Bill missed God’s presence. That is, until he opened himself to the healing process and experienced forgiveness. This led Bill to start sharing his experience in prisons. There, he found many inmates who wanted to change. Some spoke of how they had found God and Religion, but wanted to go deeper into themselves.

Bill saw that the next step in some inmate’s evolution was to understand the hurt and pain caused by their crime. Could offenders and victim-survivors come together in a space where crime victims could express themselves and offenders could accept responsibility for their poor choices? As “Doing Time With God” reveals, the answer is “yes”. Bill began facilitating Restorative Justice Programs in prisons, where offenders and victim-survivors share their stories with one another for healing, forgiveness, and reconciliation – so inmates do not re-offend after being released, thereby creating safer communities with fewer crime victims.

Doing Time With God” is an inspirational journey through this process and the minds and emotions of Prison Inmates and Crime Victims as they find Spiritual Healing, Hope and God’s Love in one another.

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