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Bill Jensen: New Authorized Clean Green Nation Partner in Lower Nicola, British Columbia


British Columbia, Canada -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/07/2011 -- Bill Jensen has joined the Clean Green Nation team of authorized partners. Clean Green Nation is a sustainable energy company that focuses on providing energy saving products to consumers throughout the United States and Canada. Bill Jensen is the newest representative serving Lower Nicola, British Columbia.

Natural resources are quickly depleting around the world. As a result, more companies are stepping up to offer renewable energy sources for consumers. Clean Green Nation is one such company. They offer a full line of solar panels, LED lighting and wind mills for home and business use. Consumers interested in having access to more green news and articles can contact Bill Jensen. Clean Green Nation is focused on bringing wind power in Lower Nicola, British Columbia to all residents.

As the leader in innovative options for Lower Nicola, British Columbia green living, Clean Green Nation wants to educate consumers on the many safe energy alternatives available to them. By using wind mills or solar panels to generate energy for a home or business, the consumer can save an average of 60% on the cost of their electricity bill. Additionally, numerous tax incentives and government rebate programs that are available to consumers who choose sustainable energy allow for the cost of installation on these units to be mostly reimbursed during the first year.

Bill Jensen wants to improve energy savings in Lower Nicola, British Columbia by showing home and business owners the benefits of Energy Star appliances and Clean Green Nation products.

About Clean Green Nation
Clean Green Nation is the leading manufacturer of green energy products. The company works throughout Canada and the United States to provide sustainable energy and green living information to home and business owners. Find more information by visiting http://www.billj.cleangreennation.com. For more information on Clean Green Nation products and services in Lower Nicola, British Columbia contact Bill Jensen via email at billj@cleangreennation.com or phone at (888) 566-1344.