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Bill Owen Insurance Brokers Ensuring to Offer the Best Landlord Insurance

Bill Owen Insurance Brokers Pty Ltd is a licensed insurance broker operating from Cairns, with a highly qualified team.


North Cairns, Manunda -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/22/2013 -- Bill Owen Insurance Brokers, an acclaimed Insurance Broker now with a license to operate as a General Insurance Broker, further add stars to its services by offering the best Landlord Insurance to its clients for cases like cover theft by tenants, protection against malicious damage by tenants, security for rent default, protection against loss of rent, and others.

The company’s owner and director Bill Owen at their annual meeting stated, “We have developed the skills to place and service to many varied and difficult insurance risks. We strive to maintain our reputation as a top service provider as we believe that all clients deserve the highest standards. Our operations rely on a small team of highly qualified and skilled personnel whose focus is to provide the professional advice with the highest level of services.”

Bill Owen Insurance Brokers are also known for offering the best personal insurances like home and contents insurance covers for the uninvited events like fire, theft, storm, liability and malicious damage. Their home insurance offers the complete peace of mind to the owner. Their insurance cover helps the latter in case of any damage caused to the home and content.

Their Professional Indemnity Insurance is also unique for providing a complete insurance cover for professionals – requiring professional risk insurance due to the critical importance of their professional roles. If anything goes wrong while someone is at the helm of the affairs in their respective jobs, then the mentioned insurance easily covers the liability. To know more about the company, please visit:

About Bill Owen Insurance Brokers Pty Ltd
Bill Owen Insurance Brokers Pty Ltd is a licensed insurance broker operating from Cairns, with a highly qualified team. Have been serving their clients by helping them to identify the risks they are exposed to and by proposing ways in which to transfer their risks to the commercial insurers. Their knowledge of insurance markets permits us to offer professional advice and the highest standards of service. Bill Owen, the sole Director of the company, has over 30 years of insurance experience.

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