Bill Ponath Bankruptcy Law Now Charges Only 995 for Chapter 7 Bankruptcy


Phoenix, AZ -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/08/2013 -- Bankruptcy has always a problem for businessmen in the United States especially if they can’t pay back what they have loaned from someone. The only way to escape this bad problem is through Chapter 7 Bankruptcy. That is why you need professional help when this happens. It so happens that the Bill Ponath Bankruptcy Law has a $995 flat fee for Chapter 7 Bankruptcy. With their help, you can bounce back again and try again for business so you can gain back what you have lost in the past. Here is a quick background on the guys who has your back.

Who is Bill Ponath?

He is the guy who you are going to approach when you want to file for bankruptcy. He is an expert on these types of situations and you can be sure your problems will go away with him at your back. He is an Arizona bankruptcy attorney with 28 years of experience in this field. It just means he is a veteran when it is about this type of situation. Nobody else can provide you the experience that you will experience with Bill Ponath because of his knowledge in this field and the affordable price he is offering so call Bill at 602-404-0143.

When is the best time to file for bankruptcy?

When you think your world is out of control and a lot of card debts, bills, car loans, student loans or tax debts are already piling up on you? If you are facing home foreclosure, item repossession or anything that would get your items taken for your debts then you better do something drastic to stop that crisis. These types of situations are not rare though in fact it is pretty common nowadays in the states due to the current economy the United States is in. What you can do now though is to ask for some professional’s help like from Attorney Bill Ponath. From them, you can learn about some of the options that you can choose from which can help you recover your possessions and money from debt collectors.

Why choose Chapter 7 Bankruptcy?

The Chapter 7 Bankruptcy is the optimized choice for most attorneys because it allows you to gain back almost all of your possessions and relieve you of debts. If you have problems with your car, homes and any possessions because of your debts then this type of Bankruptcy is the first thing you should declare for you to have a chance to get them back. This is also helpful for priority debts that have been tailing you for a while now. Also if you get rid of those debts your credit rating will likely improve afterwards. There are clients from this law office that after they filed for bankruptcy their credit scores improved by 100 points. So if you require phoenix chapter 7 Bankruptcy call Bill Ponath at 602-404-0143.

What other options can we try?

You can try for the Chapter 13 Bankruptcy if you want to reduce your debt only. This also restructures your debts so that it can be in a situation where you can handle them easily rather than when it was before. It can stop the foreclosures you are having and would set you up on affordable payment plans.

About Bill Ponath Bankruptcy Law
Bill Ponath is an Arizona native with 28 years of experience since being admitted to the Bar in 1984. He has served Maricopa County Justice Courts as a Judge Pro Tem since 2001. He gained his Juris Doctorate degree from Pepperdine University in 1983 and has authored the critically acclaimed “Verdict for America” that is available both in printed paperback and an e-book.

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