Billy Fuccillo Helps the American Heart Association


Syracuse, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/22/2016 -- Billy Fuccillo is known to be a great businessman, owning various car dealerships across New York and in Florida. However, he is also a philanthropist who frequently helps out those in the various communities that he is a part of. One of these organizations is The American Heart Association. The American Heart Association is "the nation's oldest and largest voluntary organization dedicated to fighting heart disease and stroke" ( Their mission is to help people lead healthier lives, without heart disease. Cardiovascular disease is the nation's number 1 killer and stroke is the nation's number 5 killer. Many communities hold walks to raise money for this organization. The Tampa Bay Heart Walk, which raises funds to fight heart disease and stroke, is now the second largest in the country. It raised more than 3.7 million dollars last year. A big donor to this cause is none other than Billy Fuccillo, of Fuccillo Kia. He is well known in the area. Fuccillo had previously agreed to match the fundraising goal of $50,000, however surprised WFLA, the local news channel in Tampa, FL, with a $60,000 donation.

Fuccillo also came to the rescue of an elderly couple in Pasco County, FL. A Korean war veteran, Gordon Page, was put in a tough situation. In the summer of 2015, there were floods in many neighborhoods in New Port Richey. Gordon, then 85, and his wife, had to have their home gutted before they could live in it again, as there was water in every room from the floods. They didn't have anywhere to live, or to stay, and not enough money to fix their home. They received donations from various sources. Among the donors was none other than Billy Fuccillo, who donated $30,000 to Gordon and his wife on behalf of himself and his employees. Other community members gave their time to help work on the house. The Mennonite Disaster Service is also a group that is helping out. Page, a religious man is thankful everyday for all of the help people have provided. He and his wife have also worked very hard on their home.

These cases aren't the only times Billy Fuccillo has made donations to important causes or to help out those in the community. He has also made various donations to food banks, the Salvation army, and domestic violence awareness organizations. He also holds contests and giveaways for his customers. They have chances to win "HUGE" money awards, a new car, or have monthly bills paid for a year, up to a certain amount of money.

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