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Binary Trends Looks to Fully Automate Their $56m Winning Strategy with New Software


San Francisco, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/28/2013 -- The stock market is for many of the uninitiated a bizarre and confusing swirl of numbers and trends that are imperceptible and impenetrable. Binary trading was a simplified means for individuals to enter the stock market for the first time, but experts saw the opportunities in this particular style of trading and made millions. Now, some of those experts are looking to fully automate their strategies in software they will make available to the public.

Binary Trends is a website that explains the strategy in detail, authored by the investors who made millions using it. Their plan is to take the strategy they have explained long form in words and program it into code, allowing computers to analyze trade news and stock trends to make investment amounts controlled by the user for maximum pay-off.

The BinaryTrends software will aim to compete with the likes of Trade Rush, which they currently recommend as a platform for which individuals can manually analyze trends and make investments based on whether a stock will go up or down above or below a certain margin. If right, users receive a payout. If wrong, they lose their investment.

Perhaps most significantly, the software will provide a guarantee of an 85% success rate based on the calculations of the team of developers and experts creating it.

A spokesperson for Binary Trends explained, “With this new software you can simply set it and forget it, with customizable control over the size, scale and frequency of investments and risk management. Individuals can be confident that they are in complete control while at the same time, the software does the deep analysis and decision making based on highly accurate data to make informed investment choices on behalf of users, saving them a huge amount of time and effort while still earning them significant sums of money. It’s an elegant and effective solution and we believe it’s going to be huge.”

Binary Trends is a genius strategy developed by a group of stock brokers who at the start of the binary options craze analyzed and analyzed to find the simplest investment method to work time and time again with any commodity. This strategy has made over $56,000,000 in the past 4 years by their group of stock brokers. Now it is being rolled out to clients to start making some serious money using this free binary options strategy. For more information, please visit: