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Biobanking Market Outlook 2019-2030: Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc, PHC Holdings Corporation, QIAGEN N.V, Becton

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New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/18/2019 -- Biobanks are storage facilities that are equipped to store biological materials especially for use in human research. Biobanks are an important resource in medical research. They support various research programs such as genomics and personalized medicine. Biobanks give researchers access to data representing a large number of people. Samples in biobanks and the data derived from those samples can often be used by multiple researchers for cross purpose research studies.

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To put it in perspective Biobanking Market has a collective value of over 1,900 million US$ which was recorded in the year 2018. It is also expected to grow at a double digit CAGR value over the years 2019 – 2030.

The major factors that drive Biobanking Market into such a big entity are,
- High incidence of chronic diseases
- Increase in R& D funding
- Technological advancements in regenerative medicine
- Developments in drug discovery

While some factors that might not be in favour of Urinalysis Market are,
- High initial cost

The Biobanking Market can be differentiated into product and services, sample test, storage type, applications, ongoing trends and the forecast. Further differentiation puts various product and services as,
- Equipment
- Consumable
- Service
- Software

The equipment domain accounts for the largest market share out of the latter due to increasing number of biobanks.

The sample segment can be differentiated into,
- Blood products
- Biological fluids
- Cell lines
- Human tissue
- Nucleic acids

The blood products have the major market share owing to their increasing demand in various research studies.

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Furthermore, the storage type segment can be differentiated into,
- Automated Storage
- Manual Storage
The manual storage is projected to account for the largest share and the automated storage is anticipated to witness the highest CAGR during the forecast period.

Important points from the Table of Contents
1.1. Instruments
1.2. Consumables

2.1. Equipment
2.1.1. Sample Analysis Equipment
2.1.2. Sample Processing Equipment
2.1.3. Sample Transport Equipment
2.1.4. Storage Equipment
2.2. Consumables
2.2.1. Analysis Consumables
2.2.2. Processing Consumables
2.2.3. Collection Consumables
2.2.4. Storage Consumables
2.3. Services
2.3.1. Supply Services
2.3.2. Transport Services
2.3.3. Processing Services
2.3.4. Storage Services
2.4. Software

3.1. Blood Products
3.2. Biological Fluids
3.3. Cell Lines
3.4. Human Tissues
3.5. Nucleic Acids
3.6. Others
4.1. Automated Storage
4.2. Manual Storage

5. Chapter : Company Profiles
5.1. Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc.
5.2. PHC Holdings Corporation
5.3. QIAGEN N.V.
5.4. Becton, Dickinson and Company
5.5. Merck KGaA
5.6. Hamilton Company
5.7. Avantor, Inc.
5.8. Tecan Group Ltd.
5.9. BioCision
5.10. Promega Corporation

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