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Biocera Offering Healthy Nanotechnology in Alkaline Water Systems

The harmful effects of an acidic body have recently come into forefront. In fact, an acidic body is actually conducive to cancer. The alkaline water systems from Biocera are bringing the benefits of pH balancing via nanotechnology.


Gyeonggi-do, South Korea -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/19/2014 -- An acidic body environment is not good for health. In this age of fast food and heavy drinking, most people suffer from acidic bodies. Factors such as stress, obesity, food habits, and drinking water impurities also contribute. Scientists associate this condition with increased vulnerability for several diseases such as cancer, digestive issues, and weakened immunity.

Biocera manufactures alkaline water systems to meet up with this good health requirement. Its flagship products include the hydrogen water stick and the alkaline water purifier. The firmer one is a portable filter that can purify a 2 liter bottle simply by dipping into it for 5 minutes. In five minutes, it can change untreated tap water to alkaline and purified drinking water. The ionized alkaline water generated by the filters has many benefits.

It offers deep hydration, detoxifies the body, and also supplies minerals to the water. In fact, the hydration from the nanotechnology alkaline systems is three times more than conventional water filtration. It breaks down water molecules into small clusters. This breakdown process actually also makes tea and coffee taste better because the deep absorption rate is higher. Drinking alkaline water can also be a good addition to your standard weight loss plans.

The alkaline water filters also de-infests the elixir of life from harmful bacteria. The deep cleansing makes the water pure and taste amazing. It routinely removes other harmful chemicals such as chlorine and fluorine mixed with water from the processing process.

About Biocera
Biocera is a South Korea based nanotechnology service that brings this high-end technology to practical day-to-day uses. Besides the highly innovative alkaline water filters, other products from the company include the face mist spray, shower head and the bio-ceramic laundry ball.

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