Biocera Shower Head Filter Shown to Have Amazing Deep Detoxifying Effects

It is amazing how one can recharge one’s skin health simply by taking a shower using the Biocera shower head filter. It is fit to use for both children and adults. The advanced Korean nanotechnology dechlorinates shower water and activates it to deliver a deep hydration action.


Saongnam, South Korea -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/22/2014 -- South Korea has a reputation of being one of the most beautiful countries in terms of skin care. Korean cosmetics are known all over the world for their amazing qualities. However, the Biocera shower head filter takes skincare to an entirely new dimension of using nanotechnology practically to boost skin health. One just has to attach the showerhead, and that is all about it!

Essentially, the tap water reaching one’s showers has high chlorine/fluorine content via the different levels of processing it passes through. This makes it slightly ‘hard water’ or acidic water, which is not that good for the skin. The filter effectively handles this issue by employing activated nanotechnology to purify the water of the chlorine content. The filter consists of far-infrared bio-ceramics particles that are naturally in a highly charged state.

The apparatus actually consists of activated ceramic balls, serving the functions. Besides removing chlorine from the tap water, it also absorbs bacteria and removes floating rust materials. All these sterilizing actions essentially help to generate healthy alkaline water for bathing. The activated water molecules also seep deeply in the skin, delivering deep hydration.

Installing the therapy shower filters is super easy! All one has to do is to attach it to one’s water line by calling a plumber. The polycarbonate material is very durable and does not break easily even when one drop it (of course, dropping is not recommended at all). The showerhead is also ergonomic to handle and saves water consumption by specially designed tiny holes. It is also quite easy to reassemble when one needs to recharge the product.

Bacteria from shower water can affect the health of different body regions, such as trachea, bronchus, larynx, esophagus, epiglottis, and nasal cavity. In fact, it may also come as surprising that tap water consists of trace amounts in dissolved choloroform. The amazing filtered showerhead looks into all these aspects. It is a great solution, especially for those suffering from skin problems.

About Biocera
Biocera is a South Korean company introducing nanotechnology to practical beneficial use. Besides the shower head filter, its product range include alkaline water filters and colloidal silver face mist spray among other things.

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