Biochar Market - Biochar Is an Emerging Sector Still at a Niche Stage

This report is intended to provide biochar market overview and is categorized accordingly. The various segments of biochar market included in this report are accumulated and analyzed by the tracking of recent trends and growth in the biochar industry.


Albany, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/18/2016 -- The global commercial biochar production volume (excluding China) was about 100 Kilo tons in 2013 with the maximum percentage share held by North America, followed by Asia Pacific, Europe and Rest of the World with the respective shares of 55%, 23%, 20% and 2%. However, the growing awareness about biochar, with respect to the productivity, usability and revenue generation; suggests that the overall biochar production volume will surge in the next five to ten years. Also, depending upon the soil conditions, biochar production process and technology alongwith the nature and scalability of biochar application, a shift in the Biochar market is expected in the next five years with Asia Pacific holding the maximum market share.

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Although biochar is an emerging sector, still at a niche stage, its market is expected to grow on account of the useful properties that ensure environmental benefits and enhanced productivity. The continuous research & development activities in various research institutes and universities also suggest the potential for biochar market growth. These studies focus on the different exploitable useful properties of biochar such as carbon sequestration and enhancement in soil properties. Apart from this, there have been wide scale promotional activities and conferences, involving farmers, industry stakeholders, scientists, manufacturers buyers, and suppliers, to propagate awareness, benefits and applicability of biochar, both on a small and commercial scale. Biochar business has emerged globally and the world is witnessing the early stage formation of the biochar industry. Also, biochar standards and certification programs, such as IBI Biochar Standards, IBI Biochar certification, European Biochar Certificate and Biochar Risk Assessment Framework (BARF) etc are gaining momentum on the global level, which will ensure sustainable biochar market for long term.

Some of the factors such as increasing productivity of soil to serve higher yields, sequestration of carbon in soil thereby, reducing atmospheric carbon dioxide coupled with the easy waste management are expected to serve as the drivers for the biochar market for the forecast period. Other factors that positively impact the biochar market include requirement to preserve cropland diversity and creation of bioenergy as a substitute.

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Biochar-based products help to produce healthy humus for the soil, neutralize the soil and maintain its pH value. They also increase water holding capacity of the soil and improve seed germination and soil resistance to fungus and insects. Due to these crucial reasons, the global biochar market is witnessing a rapid growth rate in recent years. Therefore, biochar can be strategically used in the soil amendment procedure. This simultaneous production of bioenergy, carbon sequestration along with soil & water quality improvement creates a win-win scenario for the biochar market.

Present technological uncertainty, financial constraints, lack of consumer awareness and stringent governmental regulation, especially in Europe are some of the restraints for the biochar market growth. However, biochar companies have entered into biochar production by comprehending the scalability and best available technology based on the cost benefit analysis to ensure maximum biochar production at a minimal cost. Further, as the market volume will increase, the price and the associated cost involved will decrease, which will ease off present financial constraints. To develop consumer awareness, several educational programs and conferences have been initiated, involving local farmers, distributors, scientists and investors.

The opportunity associated with biochar lies with its environmental friendly characteristics such as carbon sequestration, water holding capacity and soil enhancement. Additionally, the biochar industry can also provide opportunity for employment alongwith the provision of better quality food, thus ensuring better health of the consumers.

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The report also includes Porter's five forces model, PESTLE analysis and the market attractiveness and DROs (Drivers, Restraints and Opportunities) for biochar market. Some of the key players of the biochar market included in this report are: Agri-Tech Producers, LLC, Biochar Products, Inc., Cool Planet Energy Systems Inc, Blackcarbon, Diacarbon Energy Inc and Genesis Industries.

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