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Biodegradable Degreaser Proves to Be a Staple in Any Garage

AERO’s AWAY proves to not only break through tough grease and oil, but also is gentle and noncorrosive with its neutral pH


Bellflower, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/27/2012 -- When looking for products to cut through grease, break dust and other unsightly grime, it is a reasonable assumption to think that one would have to use harsh chemicals. That is not the case when using AERO’s AWAY, Tire and Engine Cleaner. AWAY’s cutting-edge technology cuts through grease, tar, oil, dirt and grime in seconds, but with its neutral pH, AWAY is gentle enough to use daily. Consequently, AWAY is not only perfect for cleaning tires, wheels and engines, but it can also be used to remove bugs off painted surfaces and containments off delicate surfaces.

To clean a surface using AWAY, apply a liberal amount to the surface and wipe or scrub the surface clean. Make sure to keep the surface wet during the cleaning process to make sure it does not dry. After completed, rinse the area with water, and once the surface is dry you can apply FINALE to remove any streaks if necessary, and add a layer of protection. To see AWAY in use, visit on AERO’s YouTube channel.

AERO’s full line of products have been hitting store shelves all around the world this last year, and are still used today to clean multi-million dollar private aircraft. The AERO line includes products to fulfill all of your detailing and cleaning needs – FINALE, Final Wipe Down; SHINE, Dry Wash and Speed Wax; VIEW, Glass and Multi-Surface Cleaner; IMMACULATE, Interior Cleaner; SUPPLE, Leather Conditioner; POLISH, Metal and Aluminum Polish; SUDS, Wet-Wash Soap; PROTECT, Tire and Vinyl Dressing; SPOT, Carpet and Fabric Cleaner; AWAY, Tire and Engine Cleaner; GLIDE, Polymer-Infused Clay Bar and SHIELD, 2-Part Protectant.

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International AERO Products are designed to withstand the most extreme environments on Earth, from airfield surface temperatures that can reach 120° F to a frigid -60° F at 50,000 feet above the Earth. Until now, AERO products have only been available to the aerospace industry for maintaining the world’s most exclusive aircraft. International AERO Products offers a wide selection of quality tested and approved cleaning, polishing, protective coating and detailing products for all of your vehicle’s maintenance needs. To find out where to purchase AERO products visit or call (800) 337- 9274.